2 Possible Passion Blog Topics

1) I have loved playing and watching football since middle school.  It was something completely different than my original favorite sport, basketball.  Practice took time on the field as well as off the field such as running, lifting weights, and even studying the playbook for hours at a time.  The impact that football has had on me and my determination has been astounding.  I feel that football could be a great possibility as a Passion Blog topic.

2) It comes in so many different shapes, sizes, and flavors: food.  If there is one thing that my parents have taught me, it is that food brings the family together.  My parents never complain about how their kids are picky eaters because we have never had that problem.  Now that I reflect upon the past, I realize that I had taken the meals I had for granted.  There was always a pungent scent swaying toward my upstairs bedroom.  I would sprint downstairs to the kitchen in anticipation for dinner.  I’m in college now and appreciate more than ever, the time and effort my mom took cooking and fixing delicious meals for the family.  Dining commons food is okay though because the ice cream is nice (that’s an understatement).

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  1. I like both ideas, but the football idea seems great. You can walk your audience through your football practice by blogging about the specifics of each practice that you took part in. You could also talk about this past weekend’s AFC and NFC championship games and about the upcoming Super Bowl.

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