2 Possibilities for Paper 1

Possibility #1: P90X

Use of ethos: – Tony Horton, a fitness trainer guides you through each of the workouts, his body is a chick-magnet, people trust him (just look at his body)

Use of logos: – the product makes sense to the consumer, there are no tricks to the workout plan, it is practical because you exercise in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Use of pathos: – Tony and his crew persistently motivate you with passionate emotions, you feel like you are getting one-on-one interaction through your TV

Ideologies:  – the program is a top-seller in the world, Tony even states that there is a 90-day guarantee or your money back, he repeats how “muscle confusion” is the secret to your eventual body transformation, the DVD set targets all parts of your body and you will see and get results!

Commonplaces: – everyone wants to be fit, healthy, and motivated in their lives

Possibility #2: Snuggies

Use of ethos: -the narrator boasts about how warm and convenient it is to wrap yourself up in a Snuggie, you trust the company

Use of logos: -you don’t feel like turning up the heat and wasting money so it seems logical to add layers instead, when you go to sporting events outside and want to be warm, ease of doing things with your hands and legs since there are sleeves for your arms

Use of pathos: -they appeal to you (the consumer) as well as your entire family, the infomercial is set inside a home (symbol for warmth)

Ideologies: – “the blanket with sleeves”, easy to clean (machine-washable), easy to carry wherever you go, made of “ultra-soft fleece”

Commonplaces: -nobody likes being cold and the Snuggie becomes the solution to all of your problems!


3 responses to “2 Possibilities for Paper 1

  1. Brittany McAllister

    Definitely the Snuggie! I don’t mean to put this commercial on blast, I just find it funny because the Snuggie is basically a backwards robe and I really want to know what compels people to buy this. And the fact that they even have it available for pets is even funnier/better. But, the purpose of it all is to keep warm!

  2. The Snuggies idea is great! Those commercials are known for finding the most random tasks and saying, “You can do this in a Snuggie”! It is so funny and would be really interesting to see how effective the ad is.

  3. I like the Snuggies commercial idea. I see this commercial quite often on television, and they definitely use pathos by depicting the people in the advertisement as being very joyful since they are warm. The ad appeals to people living in colder climates, such as the Northeast. Most people don’t like the cold and like warmer temperatures. You can talk about how the snuggie is easy to use, comfortable, and how it helps you to stay warm.

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