Personal Stake on General Education

General Education courses have been an integral part of college-level education.  These courses offer students a broad array of knowledge in the arts, humanities, and sciences.  As a college Freshman at Penn State, I have taken a General Education course that I believe is essential to every student, regardless of one’s major: Econ 102.  Through this course, I have realized the importance of the basic principles of supply and demand, price elasticity, and the influence that consumers have on markets.  All students should have a general knowledge of economics that can be used to make informed decisions later on in life.

Penn State’s General Education reform should focus primarily on exploration.  The thing that most incoming freshman have trouble with is the transition from high school to college-style education.  This phase can be troubling for students whom are undecided or unsure about their major.  In conjunction with intensive work loads in courses and having trouble meeting new friends, students should feel at ease with General Education at Penn State.  Exploring subjects and ideas in various areas can assist in a student’s eventual decision on what major is most fitting.  Exploration is the first step towards success in a person’s life.



2 responses to “Personal Stake on General Education

  1. Kareem Green

    I agree with your statement about exploration. We have to explore to find our best fit. I am also in Econ 102…. we have an Exam Thursday hahaha.

  2. Aditya Tyagi

    I completely agree with your statement about Econ 102. I feel like everyone should have some knowledge of Economics. I also agree with your mindset on general education classes and how students should be able to explore different subject areas. General education classes tend to provide students a more relaxing atmosphere and could pique their interest in new subjects.

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