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  1. “Olympic Moms” Revisions

    * Change is inevitable, but fortunately some things never change. People often oversee the importance of the role mothers play in our daily lives. From birth to adulthood, mothers give unwavering support in the development of their children; they are the true heroes in our lives. Their love is too marvelous to be fully expressed on this sheet of paper, and everyone has an inborn gratitude towards their mothers. This sentiment is exactly what Proctor and Gamble tapped into in their commercial for the 2012 London Olympic Games. By drawing upon the elicited sense of emotions associated with mothers as well as its worldwide viewership, rhetorical situation, style, and rhetorical virtue, P&G’s Olympics commercial “Thank You, Mom” stirs up the hearts of its audience from deep within.

  2. Snow Day Fun

    1) After looking at the three sample papers, the paper that identifies the ad’s context and commonplaces the best is”Olympic Moms”. The writer’s approach presents the thesis in a gradual way that differs from the other two papers. An immediate impassioned reaction is conjured up in the audience’s mind in the opening paragraph.

    2) I really enjoy and appreciate the organization of the “Olympic Moms” paper. The structure is not mundane and keeps the audience attentive in the paper’s entirety. The writer appeals to the pathos of the audience and includes great support for his claims.

    3) The paper that captures my interest the most is the “Olympic Moms” paper. The pathos involved in the commercial and the details of how mothers help their kids grow up truly resonate in humans. Humans are naturally caring and the catharsis evoked makes a lasting impact on the audience.

    4) The context and commonplaces of the ideas I am going to identify are the American Dream, unity, and patriotism of our country. There is an indomitable passion that people in America have that is rare. This feeling is represented with each star on the American flag.

    5) Through the representations of pathos, unity, and rhetorical appeals, Ram’s Super Bowl commercial, “Farmer”, amplifies the farmer’s role in society as a relentless and determined individual as the varied images of farmers are presented.

    Alternate thesis

    By appealing to the American audience through pathos, unity, and rhetorical appeals, Ram’s Super Bowl commercial, “Farmer”, illustrates the typical life of a farmer and the unwavering effort one must possess to persevere.

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