A Golden Swim

Kim Chambers, a San Francisco resident, swam thirty miles breaking records. Chambers was the first woman to swim from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge. This swim is quite a tough one. The water is ice cold. The swim took her seventeen hours. Most people were concerned about the safety of the swim. The ethos that is established here is that there was a boat that carried about sixteen of Chambers crew members. These crew members are skilled and trained. Their job was to follow her on a boat and keep look out for any dangers. The waters that Chambers had swam through are known to have had great white sharks circling the coasts of the islands. Only four other people have made that swim; all of them were men. Chambers says she did the swim partly because of the sharks because she thinks they are beautiful creatures. Chambers completes  many ocean swims that are dangerous and stretch to wide lengths. She does marathon swimming challenges and is good at them. She almost always finishes every marathon swim. Chambers, 38, trains for all of these swims with rigor. The amount of dedication, effort, and time to put in is very demanding. For such a dangerous swim, Chambers enjoys these marathon swims in the ocean. You certainly must be a great swimmer to even think about doing anything like these marathon swims. Chambers said that when she finally saw the Golden Gate bridge she knew she had to get there. It is truly an amazing feat for Chambers.