Taman Shud Case

Who is this Unknown Man? A body was found on the shore of Somerton Beach. The man was not breathing. He was wearing a nice suit—a very formal wear—which was totally bizarre. No one knew who he was; he had no form of identification. He was not one of the reported missing people. There was […]

Amber Hagerman

8 minutes was enough to commit a crime. It was a cold winter when Amber Hagerman—a nine year old innocent girl—and her five year old little brother, Ricky, visited Arlington, Texas to meet their grandparents. Glenda Whitson and Jimmy Whitson were pleased to see their grandchildren and their daughter Donna. It was January 12, 1996 around […]

The Axeman of New Orleans

Who will be next is the question… Crimes happen everyday; even at this right moment, somewhere in this world, there is probably someone breaking in through the door or murdering someone. Every year the crime rates increase slowly. Where do criminal minds come from? What makes people commit crimes? Everyone has different thoughts but I believe that there are […]

Unsolved Crimes

First Case: Axeman of New Orleans Second Case: Amber Hagerman Third Case: Taman Shud Case Fourth Case: The Black Dahlia Fifth Case: The Amsterdam Diamond Heist Sixth Case: Gardener Museum Theft Case Seventh Case: Boy in the Box

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