The Black Dahlia

black-dalhia-p1Elizabeth Short, the victim of this crime case was a woman from Los Angeles. On January 15, 1947 her body that was cut in half was found. A housewife was walking down the streets when she found Elizabeth’s body. She immediately called the police and the hospital to report this. Just after a few minutes, police cars and ambulances arrived and moved her body away for investigation.

It is a mystery of who cut the body in half, defying more than half of her face. There are a few theories about it but there is a higher chance that the criminal is dead. The police tried to keep this big happening down and so kept it quiet in front of journalists. According to the investigPG-Body-coveredation, it was said that the criminal had used a knife to kill Elizabeth. It is also said that her body was cut into pieces elsewhere and then brought to the place where the housewife had found her.

short1It is still a mystery of who had committed such harsh crime.

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