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This blog will be about crimes that happened in the past that still have not been solved and is left behind as a mystery of who the real criminal was. Crimes and suspense was always something that dragged my attention. Here there will be several cases I will be briefly summarising about and leave a suspenseful end for you readers to think and guess about who the real criminal was! If you enjoy reading fantasy, suspenseful books here is a perfect blog for you to see, learning the crimes that you probably weren’t aware of! Enjoy!

3 Responses to “About”
  1. Lori Bedell says:

    So excited about this! No one’s ever done this before! Very exciting!

  2. Folakemi Tanya Olugboyega says:

    I am a crime and investigation fanatic, so your idea is very appealing. The only one tiny thing i wonder is where you will get your material to write on. In a general sense, i think if you get really interesting material, the blog will come out perfect. I am really excited to read more of your work.I am so excited to see the direction you will go with this..Goodluck..

  3. mxp5385 says:

    This is a very interesting and creative idea. You should have a ton interesting material to blog about for a while. The set up of the blog is great too; it looks very aesthetically pleasing and legitimate. Your posts better live up to the description because I will definitely be stopping back to read your posts!

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