Marilyn Sheppard

Marilyn did not see death coming upon her. It was a summer night, just like all the other ones. Marilyn went upstairs to her bedroom where his husband, Sam, was watching the television. She prepared her bed and lied down leaving his husband to finish the movie he was watching. Night went by and the […]

The Whitechapel Murders

Why did these 11 deaths happen? Between April 3, 1888 and February 13th, 1891 there were a total of 11 murders in London. The Metropolitan Police Service investigation coined this happening as “The Whitechapel Murders.” The picture on the left locates the places in which the deaths occurred. The funny thing is that these deaths are written as murders […]

Boy in the Box

  In 1957, near Philadelphia, a student named Frederick Benosis found a box. He opened it and realized that inside the box was a young boy who was wrapped with a thin blanket. The boy was dead. He reported this and the authorities started investigating this case. There were flyers all over the place, looking for […]

Gardner Museum Theft Case

13 paintings lost in one day… Isabella Stewart Gardener was a museum located in Boston, Massachusetts. On March 18,1990, a big theft occurred. Two thieves, that who are still unknown, wore Boston police officers’ outfits and entered the museum very casually. The guard on duty opened the door for them without hesitation but it was […]

The Amsterdam Diamond Heist

Biggest Diamond Robbery Ever Recorded   On February 25, 2005, two disguised men entered the airport in Amsterdam. They had KLM’s (Koninklijke Luchtraart Maatschappij)—the Royal Dutch Airlines—outfit on. With no one noticing, they safely entered the terminal through on elf the company’s cars. They stopped the truck that was transporting diamonds that cost more than […]

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