The Whitechapel Murders

1888_whitechapel_london_murder_mapWhy did these 11 deaths happen?

Between April 3, 1888 and February 13th, 1891 there were a total of 11 murders in London. The Metropolitan Police Service investigation coined this happening as “The Whitechapel Murders.”

The picture on the left locates the places in which the deaths occurred. The funny thing is that these deaths are written as murders but there is a possibility that they may be suicides.

It is one of the biggest unsolved cases.

Now I will talk about the 11 victims. Their names were Emma Elizabeth Smith, Martha Tabram, Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly, Alice Mckenzie, and Frances Cole.

Emma Elizabeth Smith

She was the first victim in this case. Emma Elizabeth Smith was a prostitute. She was raped and murdered on April 3rd, 1888. She was found and sent to the hospital but she stopped breathing the day after. Before she died, she confessed that there were two to three people attacking her at the same time.

Martha Tabram

martha_tabram_whitechapel_murder_victim_smMartha Tabram was also a prostitute. She was murdered on April 7th, 1888. Different from Emma, she was stabbed several times and faced death.

Mary Ann Nichols

ripper_victim_polly_nicholsMary’s body was found on August 31, 1888.

Annie Chapman

ripper_victim_annie_chapmanAnnie was also found on August 31, 1888.

Elizabeth Stride

ripper_victim_elizabeth_strideElizabeth was found on September 30, 1888.

Catherine Eddowes

ripper_victim_catherine_eddowes45 minutes after Elizabeth’s body was found, Catherine was found dead too.

Mary Jane Kelly

ripper_victim_mary_jane_kellyMary Jane was found on November 9, 1888.

The interesting thing about these five women was that they were murdered in the same way. Their abdomen was open when they were found and their faces were all distorted. The Police made a conclusion that the same criminal had murdered these five women.

Rose Mylett

Rose was found on December 20, 1888.

Alice Mckenzie

Alice was found on July 17, 1889.

Frances Cole

Frances was murdered on February 13, 1891.

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