Boy in the Box

The Boy in the Box

“America’s Unknown Child”


In 1957, near Philadelphia, a student named Frederick Benosis found a box. He opened it and realized that inside the box was a young boy who was wrapped with a thin blanket. The boy was dead. He reported this and the authorities started investigating this case. There were flyers all over the place, looking for the boy’s parents but his identity was never discovered. Investigators also awaited for possible report of a missing child but there were known. That is why he is also known as the “America’s Unknown Child”.

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The box he was found in

Investigators analysed how the boys had blue eyes, short hair, and seemed to be around the age 4 and 6. He had deep bruises all over the body and the authorities guess that the boy probably has been out in the box for more than 3 days to 2 weeks. Non one knows the criminal and the reason why this boy had gone through this.

Investigators tried to follow the criminal’s foot prints but did not get much. The box that the boy was in was from J.C. Penney. The criminal was smart enough to pay cash and leave nothing behind.

He is currently buried in Mechanicsville and Dunks Ferry Rd. His DNA was collected and even now, some people are still in investigation. They are scanning other DNA and trying to match possible relatives.


The boy’s grave


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