Marilyn Sheppard

Portrait of Dr. Sam Sheppard and His Wife

Marilyn Sheppard


Marilyn and Samuel

Marilyn did not see death coming upon her.

It was a summer night, just like all the other ones. Marilyn went upstairs to her bedroom where his husband, Sam, was watching the television. She prepared her bed and lied down leaving his husband to finish the movie he was watching. Night went by and the next day, Marilyn was found dead.

Marilyn was a daughter from a Methodist Church. She was devoted to her husband, kind, and pretty; she was one of the women that men wanted as their wife. Samuel, Marilyn’s husband was a intelligent doctor. Everyone knew that they loved each other so much.

The day of the murder, it was discovered that Marilyn and Sam slept on different floors. In the middle of the night Sam woke up thinking that his wife had called him. He heard eerie sounds and so went upstairs to check where the noise came from. Once he opened the bedroom door, he saw Marilyn covered with blood and realised that she was already dead. A sound came from downstairs. Sam ran down and chased whatever it was.

These were some head titles in the newspapers:

“BAY DOCTOR’S WIFE IS MURDERED; Beaten, He TellsSlide811 of Fight With Intruder,” said the double banner in the Plain Dealer.

“DOCTOR’S WIFE MURDERED IN BAY; Drug Thieves Suspected in Bludgeoning,” said the Press.

“FIND TOOTH CHIPS UNDER BODY OF BAY DOCTOR’S SLAIN WIFE; Grappled With Brutal Slayer, Physician Says,” said the News.

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