The Amsterdam Diamond Heist

Biggest Diamond Robbery Ever Recorded


Amsterdam_Schiphol_Airport_entranceOn February 25, 2005, two disguised men entered the airport in Amsterdam. They had KLM’s (Koninklijke Luchtraart Maatschappij)—the Royal Dutch Airlines—outfit on. With no one noticing, they safely entered the terminal through on elf the company’s cars. They stopped the truck that was transporting diamonds that cost more than millions of dollars. The two men took out their guns, threatening the drivers to pass the car key. Leaving the drivers behind, the heist was a success.

There was no way that these two unknown men could have possibly completed this robbery themselves. TheWhite-Van,-used-in-robbery200 police predict that someone from the airlines had lend a hand for them. The truck that was stolen was captured in a CCTV that was installed in a highway. A month after the heist, the truck was found burnt in Diemen.

The men were never found again. After the attack, the KLM airline faced a serious attack in their profit. They strengthened security to prevent this from happening again. The investigation is still going on but is facing difficulty.

How did the two men know that the truck would be transferring the diamonds at that particular time?


There is something interesting here. Two years ago, on February 16, 2003, there was a similar case that took place in Belgium.

Also, on February 19, 2013, just a year ago, there was another diamond heist on Tarmac Of Brussels Airport. There are several similarities in all three of these cases: there were no murders, no gun shooting (even though they were holding guns), it took place in an airport and the way of transportation was by a truck.

Is there a possibility that all these cases were by the same culprits?


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