Hell Week

How would you feel having two assessments determine your entire grade? For some of us, we are stressing though the midterm process at this moment and can relate how different it is compared to high school. I know one of the biggest things I was scared about coming into college were the classes. The fact that we only had half the time to learn a whole subject as compared to high school when we had the whole year. And what I was dreading the most were the midterms and finals. I knew from my brother who’s a senior now and friends already in college that the midterm and final were huge portions of your grade…. This terrified me! If we slip up even a little, our grade could plummet and there is nothing we could do to fix it! This is a lot of pressure compacted into 1 or 2 weeks, depending on your exam schedules and even more knowing most of us are in Schreyer’s and need to keep our 3.4 GPA. (My friend calculated and determined a 3.4 is basically B+ in all your classes.) There really isn’t much room for us to make mistakes.

I knew college would require a lot more studying than high school, but this still came as a slap in the face when I find myself staying up till 1 or 2 in the morning on a regular basis. Midterms in high school were always spelled out to me and made a big deal with constant reminders from teachers. The teachers would give us reviews and tell us exactly what to expect and study. In college I find it completely different. If you aren’t on top of your schedule, a midterm or even an exam can creep up on you when you’re not ready. I have already had a Calculus exam and have Chemistry, Women’s Studies, Egyptian Civilization, and an English essay all next week. Let’s just say I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. And the worst part is that Penn State had to schedule its Parents/Family Weekend the weekend right in between midterm time. I feel bad for telling my parents I’m not going to be able to spend time with them because I have to study after they drove 6 hours just to see me. I guess this is just something that we as freshmen must become accustomed to. I know I’ve already adjusted to taking exams every now and then. Every new thing in college will be scary at first, it’s just the first experience dealing with midterm season that it will be such a shock.

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