Friendly Faces

As everyone knows, this past weekend was Family Weekend! Many students say one of the best things about college is getting away from their parents and not have to be so dependent under them. I even found myself loving the freedom and being my own person and not have to ask someone for permission to go out. Even though many college students love not having to live with their parents every day, I found that everyone was so excited to see their parents and myself included also.
Living on campus and out of state is so different that living with your parents in high school. Parents are constantly on your back about homework and your social life. However, when you get college, this completely changes. You’re on your own with no one to tell you what to do. Sometimes this is good and many times it just gets on student nerves. But even the student who fights with their parents the most can’t help to enjoy seeing their parents for one weekend. Personally, I found this weekend so much fun being with my parents. Even though it was very busy with all the activities and exams this week, I still put time aside to be with my parents.
It’s so different for me transitioning from talking with my parents and telling them about my life every day to maybe finding time to call them once a week. I love the independence, as do many college students my age, but I look forward to these phone calls and especially this parent’s weekend. It’s so strange when I have to explain everything in my life because I’m so used to them just knowing my schedule and what I’m involved in. Also, being at Penn State there are just so many traditions and phrases/words we as students understand and just know. I forget this when I speak to my parents, finding myself having to explain everything like exactly what “Canning” is. Even though I love being away from home and being on my own, I really do miss my parents and can’t wait to go to home for Thanksgiving!


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  1. This post is definitely relatable to me, and I’m sure many other students here can say the same. Although I love the freedom and sense of individuality that comes with being in college, I couldn’t help but feel excited to see my parents last weekend. I truly underestimated how much I would miss my parents, before coming to college.

    In high school, I was often angered or annoyed at my parents for constantly being on my back about my homework and grades, and I was certainly looking forward to having my own freedom in college. Once I came to college; however, it was extremely different. Although I got the freedom that I wanted, the sudden sense of responsibility was a little overwhelming and I didn’t have my parents to fall back on and help me make decisions, which was scary, but nice at the same time.

    Overall, I enjoyed seeing and spending time with my parents last weekend, and I’m glad you did as well!

  2. I think it’s great that you enjoyed your weekend with your parents so much and I really enjoyed meeting them! I share a lot of the same feelings as you do; I had no idea how much I would miss my parents until they were gone, and while the extra freedom is my favorite thing about college, there really is nothing like seeing your parents again. I’ve always wondered what it would be like for kids who went to boarding school when they go to college. I would assume that they wouldn’t be as affected, as they’re probably more used to living without their parents, but I think it would be sad to live away from your parents for so long and not be able to develop as close of a relationship with them. Even though I’m at college, I know that they’re always there for me, and that really does mean a lot

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