The Rise and Resurgence of Russia Makes NATO More Relevant Than Ever

The year 1945 ushered in the dawn of the atomic age, war ravaged Western Europe was in ruin, and the Soviet Union had begun to spread its tentacles across the continent—fast forward 60 years later and Europe is… Read More

The Ethics Conundrum in International Commercial Arbitration

By: Spencer McDuff “International arbitration dwells in an ethical no-man’s land; where ethical regulation should be, there is only an abyss.”[1] Ironically enough, the present ethical “abyss” in which international commercial arbitration lingers in, is in fact a… Read More

Is UKIP Here to Stay?

By: Hilary Flack The United Kingdom Independence Party, more commonly known as UKIP, is a minority party in the United Kingdom. Despite being known as a radical right-wing party, UKIP has experienced increased support in recent years. The… Read More

What the BG Group v. Argentina Decision Means for Developing Countries

Today, Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) have grown to become an indispensable part of the international investment regime.[1] As of 2013, there were 2816 BITs in existence in the world,[2] compared to 1010 BITs in July of 1996.[3] Typically,… Read More

La Apertura – U.S. Initiates Diplomatic Relations with Cuba After 53 Years

Cuban cigars, baseball players seeking asylum, chrome plated cars in pastels, and those thirteen days of October 1962 which almost pitted the world to the brink of nuclear war. For the past fifty-three years these are the things… Read More