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The Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs (“JLIA”) is a student-edited, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, jointly published by Penn State Law and School of International Affairs.

As the online companion to JLIA, the JLIA Blog pursues the goal of public discourse at the intersection of law and international affairs. Our highly qualified and diverse team of Resident Student Bloggers and Blog Editors consists of students from various countries, ethnicities, backgrounds, and experiences; offering all of our readers a unique and global perspective on a wide array of topics and issues.

Each month on its website, the JLIA Blog features two to three blog-styled articles written by our Resident Student Bloggers. To learn more about this year’s Resident Student Bloggers and Blog Editors, be sure to check out our Meet the Bloggers page!

For information regarding JLIA’s Fall Speaker Series, please visit the Fall Speaker Series page. Likewise, to find information on JLIA’s Spring Symposia, please visit the Spring Symposia page.

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