CSA Curriculum

Highlighted links indicate courses included in the CSA Curricular Requirements.  Accessing the title will provide a description of the course as well as links to salient artifacts created to demonstrate and assess my learning in each course.

Semester 1:   Fall 2009

CSA 501:  Introduction to Student Affairs

CSA 597B:  Social Justice

CN ED:  404 Group Procedures in  Guidance and Counseling

CN ED 500:  Introduction to Counseling and Development

Semester 2:  Spring 2010

CSA 503:  Student Development in College Environments

CSA 597A:  Foundations of Academic Advising

CN ED 530:  Family Counseling

Semester 3, Fall 2011

CN ED 501:  Counseling Theory and Methods

HI ED 545:  Higher Education in the United States

CSA 506:  Campus Environments

Semester 4, Spring 2012

CSA 504:  Research and Assessment in Student Affairs

HI ED 552:  Administration in Higher Education

Hi ED 556:  Higher Education Students and Clientele

Semester 5, Fall 2012

CSA 595:  Internship, Office of Student Conduct

CSA 596:  Independent Study:  Students At-Risk and Mentoring

CSA 597A:  Helping Skill for College Student Affairs Professionals

IT 001:  Elementary Italian I

Semester 6, Spring 2013

CSA 505: Capstone Seminar

CSA 596:  Independent Study/Reflection

ED PSYCH 400:  Introduction to Statistics in Educational Research

CN ED 505:  Foundations of Career Development and Counseling Information

IT 002:  Elementary Italian II






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