So, time for updates I guess?

Alright, so I haven’t been great about keeping this website updated, though the Young Researcher Spotlight article in February at least prompted me to update and upload my CV. Which, I guess I’ll have to do again because I’ve got some good news: the GSA Bulletin article describing my master’s thesis work is online, and I’ve been told that ESPL accepted my manuscript from my undergrad thesis! It was a pretty good week, and it ended with a trip to Boulder for CSDMS 2018, for which I am super pumped! Julia and I are excited to learn literally anything about building models and coding. I did say to myself that at the start of my PhD I’d move from Matlab to Python, but that’s only gone….ok so far.

What else happened this semester? The Shale Hills CZO just finished off a great All Hands meeting, I learned how to conduct my own seismic and ERT surveys, and I presented that project on waterfalls from back in the day, and I really want to pick up that project and get that written up sometime this fall. It only needs probably a day or two more of fieldwork, and then it’d be good to go, I think.

Other things I started doing recently was getting into rock climbing at the bouldering wall at Penn State as well as growing my own veggies (despite my absence very soon for field camp, which departs for YBRA June 4th!). It’ll be a busy summer but a good one, infinitely better than trying to finish off two manuscripts while heading a caravan of ten SUVs full of weary geologists.

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