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Hi, I like mountains and rivers. Email me at And here is my CV updated February 2018! And this is my MS thesis!

Read about a day in the field with my REU students summer 2016, and my researcher profile over at the Shale Hills CZO website (and at AGU EPSP as well!), as well as my lab’s page!


I attended Pomona College intending to major in the social sciences. After brief stints in Pueblo archaeology and Constitutional law, I tried out an intro geology class and fell in love with the Mojave Desert. Then, while studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh I registered at the last minute for a class in the Geography department called “Eroding Landscapes: Mountains, Hills and Rivers” and now I’m here.

Here is a particularly good river flowing in the Owens Valley with some newly-fallen snow on the Sierras.

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