Teaching, outreach and mentoring


While at Penn State I have acted as a teaching assistant for a few regular semester courses, including Geology of the National Parks, Environmental Geology and Geomorphology.

The highlight of my teaching experience has been the summer field course that takes Penn State Geoscience majors to four western states to map Laramide structures, Quaternary moraines, metamorphic contacts and volcanic flows. Summers 2016-2018 I assisted 35-50 students for six weeks of geology exercises, which involved field observations as well as digital mapmaking. Field camp TAs bear additional logistical responsibilities which has taught me project (read: stress) management skills in addition to teaching techniques.

Kiddos practicing (/learning) how to take a bearing on a Brunton from PSU field camp legend Rudy Slingerland


I am also assisting the Shavers Creek Environmental Center design new exhibits for their newly-renovated classrooms. Here is the poster I made that is currently hanging in their classroom (Shavers Creek poster). I plan to incorporate collaborations with the center into my Science Outreach and Communication class (Fall 2016).


During the summer 2015 I mentored Sarah Granke (Pomona College) in field mapping, point counts and soil samples in Garner Run at the SSHCZO. Find our abstract from GSA 2015 here! During the summer 2016 I mentored Connor Martin (University of Pittsburgh) and Perri Silverhart (Middlebury College) in field mapping, soil sampling, infiltrometer testing and designing and executing sprinkler experiments in Garner Run. GSA 2016: my abstract (with Connor) can be found here, and Perri’s abstract is here. Perri and Connor also presented their work at the CUAHSI conference – check them out (Perri ,Connor)!