Locke’s weather observations being added the John Locke Chronology

Information from Locke’s weather observations are being added to the John Locke Chronology.

Locke made his first weather observations in Oxford on June 24, 1666, and continued to do so until his last at Oates on May 22, 1703. The dates and times of these observations give us an interesting view into the details of Locke’s daily activities.

Locke recorded the temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind conditions, and the general nature of the weather. At this time, only the last two pieces of information are being included in the chronology, along with the place, date, and time of the observations.

The information for 1666 has now been added, and work continues into 1667. Among the observations for 1666 is the note of “Dim reddish Sun-shine” at 1 p.m. on September 4 — the view from Oxford of the Great Fire of London.

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