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Update on the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke

The description of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke has been updated based on information from Mark Goldie on the July 2017 meeting of the Locke Board.

There have been some changes to the Board, as well as the identification of editors for several of the volumes in prospect.

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 6 September 2016

The following entries were added to the John Locke Bibliography on 6 September  2016:

  • Anstey, P. R. “Locke and the problem of necessity in early modern philosophy.” 2016. – Chapter 3.
  • Bejan, T. M. “Locke on toleration, (in)civility and the quest for concord.” 2016. – Chapter 6.
  • Callis, J. P. Reading the mind. 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Epstein, R. A. “The utilitarian foundation of natural law.” 1989. – Chapter 7.
  • Fisher, W. “Theories of intellectual property.” 2001. – Chapter 7.
  • Gottlieb, A. The dream of enlightenment. 2016. – Chapter 2.
  • Himma, K. E. “Toward a Lockean moral justification of legal protection of intellectual property.” 2012. – Chapter 7.
  • Horowitz, S. J. “Rethinking Lockean copyright and fair use.” 2005. – Chapter 7.
  • Hughes, J. “Locke’s 1694 memorandum [on the Licensing Act].” 2010. – Chapter 7.
  • ——. “The philosophy of intellectual property.” 1988. – Chapter 7.
  • Inoguchi, T. & Lê, T. Q. L. “Toward modelling a global social contract.” 2016. – Chapter 7.
  • Marshall, J. “Whig thought and the revolution of 1688-91.” 2013. – Chapter 7.
  • Nacol, E. C. An age of risk. 2016. – Chapter 2.
  • Northover, A. D. “ ‘Enough and as good’ in the intellectual commons.” 2016. – Chapter 7.
  • Palmer, T. G. “Are patents and copyrights morally justified?” 1990. – Chapter 7.
  • Sakal, V. “Two conceptions of religious self in Lockean religiosity.” 2016. – Chapter 5.
  • Shiffrin, S. V. “Lockean arguments for private intellectual property.” 2001. – Chapter 7.
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  • Walsh, K. “Locke and the Newtonian achievement.” 2016. – Chapter 3.
  • Wilson, C. “Managing expectations.” 2016. – Chapter 3.

Thanks to Peter Anstey for information about his book chapter.

Note also that the description of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke has been updated with recent information from the Locke Board.

The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke

The Locke Board has approved an announcement of the current state of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke.

The Locke Board and its publisher, Oxford University Press, aim to place in the public domain critical editions of the complete works of Locke in thirty-seven volumes. The intention is to include all texts published in Locke’s name that can securely be attributed to him, together with his correspondence, and a considerable body of his unpublished manuscripts.

The announcement includes information about the Board, a list of the volumes already published, a list of the volumes in preparation and in prospect, and information about the editors of forthcoming volumes.

This announcement has been posted as a page on the John Locke Bibliography; this version includes links to the relevant entries in the Bibliography (which have been updated on the basis of this announcement) and to the Author Index. The page will be updated as new information becomes available.