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Locke Studies volume 18

Locke Studies vol. 18 (2018) is now complete. See the announcement on the Locke Studies site.

Vol. 18 contains the following articles:

In addition, the following new entries to the John Locke Bibliography were posted in December:

  • Guedes, M. P. & Figueira, H. L. M. “John Locke e o liberalismo político.” 2018. – Chapter 7.
  • Parmentier, M. “Présentation de l’Essai sur l’entendement humain.” 2018. – Chapter 3.
  • Sattig, T. “The sense and reality of personal identity.” 2018. – Chapter 3.
  • Snyder, J. T. Leisure and its challenge to liberalism. 2018. – Chapter 7.
  • Williams, V. Motherhood and the education of future subjects in Hobbes, Locke, and Wollstonecraft. 2018. – Chapter 4.

Locke Studies volume 18

Locke Studies vol. 18 (2018) has begun publishing as an online journal. Articles will be posted online as soon as they have been edited. Announcements of new additions will be posted on this page, as well as on the Locke studies website: The first articles to be published are:

Changes at Locke Studies: February 2018 Update

The transfer of Locke Studies to Western University has taken place. Volume 17 (the final print volume and the final volume under the editorship of Tim Stanton) is in production. A new website for the journal has been created at Submissions for Volume 18 are currently being reviewed and should be published on the new platform beginning this summer. PDF files for articles in Volumes 14-16 (2014-2016) have been added to the archives on the new site. Links to these PDF files have been added to the appropriate entries in the John Locke Bibliography; links will be added to entries for articles in earlier volumes as they are posted.

For more information, see the announcement on the Locke studies website.

Locke Studies volume 17

Locke Studies vol. 17 (2017) will be published shortly; it will contain the following articles:

  • Attig, J. C. “Recent publications on Locke.” 2017.
  • Milton, J. R. “Locke’s orthography and the dating of his writings.” 2017. – Chapter 1.
  • Connolly, P. J. “A puzzle in the print history of Locke’s Essay.” 2017. – Chapter 3.
  • Rickless, S. C. “Locke’s ontology of relations.” 2017. – Chapter 3.
  • Stenberg, J. “Locke on individuation and kinds.” 2017. – Chapter 3.
  • Duncan, S. “Toland and Locke in the Leibniz-Burnett correspondence.” 2017. – Chapter 2.
  • Deluna, D. N. “Shaftesbury, Locke, and their revolutionary Letter?” 2017. – Chapter 7.
  • Numao, J. K. “Locke and hate speech law.” 2017. – Chapter 6.
  • Tetlow, J. “Locke’s political theology and the ‘Second treatise’.” 2017. – Chapter 7.
  • Harpham, J. S. “Locke and the Churchill Catalogue revisited.” 2017. – Chapter 2.

Changes at Locke Studies

An important announcement has been made regarding the future of Locke Studies.

The John Locke Society will take over ownership of the journal in 2018. The journal will be moved to Western University and Benjamin Hill (Western) will be taking over as interim editor for 2018-19. A newly-formed Editorial Board will appoint an editor to serve a five-year term beginning in 2020.

The move to Western will transform the journal from a subscription-based print journal to an open access e-journal. All of the back issues of Locke Studies and The Locke Newsletter will eventually be available electronically as word searchable PDFs via the e-publishing platform. Past issues will be made available as they are digitized and ready for distribution.

For more information see The John Locke Society’s announcement.

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 29 June 2017

Locke Studies vol. 16 (2016) will contains the following articles:

  • Boeker, R. “The role of appropriation in Locke’s account of persons and personal identity.” 2016. – Chapter 3.
  • Rockwood, N. “Locke on knowledge of existence.” 2016. – Chapter 3.
  • Di Biase, G.Physica in John Locke’s Adversaria and classifications of the brances of knowledge.” 2016. – Chapter 3.
  • Walmsley, J. C. “Peter Anstey on Locke’s natural philosophy.” 2016. – Chapter 9.
  • Clarke, B. “The wider world of Locke’s landlady, Rabsy Smithsby.” 2016. – Chapter 12.
  • Harris, I. “Some reflections on critical-text editing.” 2016. – Chapter 7.

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 15 March 2016

Locke Studies vol. 15 (2015) will contains the following articles:

  • Waldmann, F. “Locke, Horace, and a Syllabus errorum.” 2015. – Chapter 2.
  • Waldmann, F. “Additions to De Beer’s Correspondence of John Locke.” 2015. – Chapter 1.
  • Ott, W. “Locke and the real problem of causation.” 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Simendić, M. “Locke and the real problem of causation.” 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Rickless, S. “Degrees of certainty and sensitive knowledge.” 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Soles, D. “On certainty and sensitive knowledge.” 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Sheridan, P. “Locke’s Latitudinarian sympathies.” 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Stuart-Buttle, T. “Shaftesbury reconsidered.” 2015. – Chapter 3.
  • Anstey, P. “Further reflections on Locke’s medical remains.” 2015. – Chapter 9.

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 23 February 2013

Locke studies no. 12 (2012) contained the following articles:

  • Hall, R. “Recent publications.”
  • Haworth, A. “David Lloyd Thomas (1932-2012).” 2012. — Chapter 2.
  • Goldie, M. & Momtchiloff, P. “The Clarendon edition of the works of John Locke.” 2012. — Chapter 1.
  • Cresswell, M. J. “A Lockian geometric demonstration.” 2012. — Chapter 3.
  • Barnaby, A. “Teaching experience to read and write.” 2012. — Chapter 3.
  • Benovsky, J. “The speed of thought.” 2012. — Chapter 3.
  • DeHart, P. R. “Fractured foundations.” 2012. — Chapter 3.
  • Robson, G. J. “A better basis for liberal equality?” 2012. — Chapter 7.
  • Layman, D. “The compatibility of Locke’s waste restriction and his political voluntarism.” 2012. — Chapter 7.
  • Artis, A. “Locke and original sin.” 2012. — Chapter 5.
  • Walmsley, J. C. “Dating the ‘Epitome’ of the Essay.” 2012. — Chapter 3.
  • Review article by Jonathan Walmsley on Peter Anstey, John Locke and natural philosophy (2011)
  • Review of Forster 2011 (P. Sheridan)

— added to the John Locke Bibliography 23 February 2013.

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 9 February 2012

The following entries were added to the John Locke Bibliography on 9 February 2012. These articles represent the contents of Locke studies no. 11 (2011):

Update to John Locke Bibliography, 2 December 2010

I had not intended to take a vacation from the John Locke Bibliography — but that is what I seem to have done.  I expect to resume posting additions and to get caught up over the next few months.  My apologies for the lack of activity.

The following entries were added to the John Locke Bibliography on 2 December 2010. These articles represent the contents of Locke studies no. 10 (2010):

  • Lennon, T. M. “Locke on body and extension.” 2010. — Chapter 3.
  • Forrai, G. “Locke on substance in general.” 2010. — Chapter 3.
  • Korman, D. Z. “Locke on substratum.” 2010. — Chapter 3.
  • Walsh, J. ” ‘Things’ for ‘actions’.” 2010. — Chapter 3.
  • Numao, J. K. “Reconciling human freedom and sin.” 2010. — Chapter 5.
  • Gustafsson, J. E. “Did Locke defend the memory continuity criterion of personal identity?” 2010. — Chapter 3.
  • Moots, G. A. “Locke and the ancients.” 2010. — Chapter 2.
  • Dempsey, L. “An early ‘sensation-based’ argument for dualism.” 2010. — Chapter 3.
  • Tomida, Y. “The Lockian materialist basis of Berkeley’s immaterialism.” 2010. — Chapter 3.