Imported “Interesting Mathematics”

For a few years I ran a blog over at called “Interesting Mathematics”, the URL being It went quiet in 2010, which was a high-stress year for me, and never really got started again.

So, I succeeded (just now) in figuring out how to import all the old posts from “Interesting Mathematics” onto this blog. Of course that gives me an incentive to continue blogging about mathematics here.

For the record, here are the steps that I went through to achieve this import.

  • Export from blogspot in the Blogger Atom format (from menu Settings>Other)
  • Convert to WordPress WXR format via this free tool:
  • Activate WordPress importer plugin (one of the few plugins that Penn State makes available at this site.)
  • Import the WXR file to this blog.

There’s probably some broken stuff here but most of the posts seem to have translated okay.  Hopefully I will get MathJax operating soon so that the TeX will render properly.

PS: I have a more personal blog at as well.  That one is not going to get imported here. Feel free to check it out if you are interested.



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