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A last-minute extra talk was scheduled on the Wednesday morning at the Banff meeting – Assaf Naor on Superexpanders.  I would have loved to attend that talk, but I had a prior commitment to Aftenroe, a beautiful eight-pitch limestone climb above the road to Lake Louise.

Fortunately, thanks to the video system at BIRS, this doesn’t mean that I missed the talk.   One can find the excellent video of the talk here.  It’s a great presentation, as gratifying and elegant as Aftenroe‘s third pitch.  Below, I will try to describe some of the ideas. Continue reading

Arches to North Dome


It had to be North Dome, really.

I first visited Yosemite in 1985. At that time I was not a climber. I had little idea what to expect, but the line on the map – ascend the Falls Trail, visit North Dome, descend Snow Creek – looked too tempting to resist.  My friend Liane thought this plan so foolish that she came along herself to make sure I didn’t get into trouble.  We were married the next year.  North Dome is a special place. Continue reading