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Imported “Interesting Mathematics”

For a few years I ran a blog over at blogspot.com called “Interesting Mathematics”, the URL being coarsemath.blogspot.com. It went quiet in 2010, which was a high-stress year for me, and never really got started again.

So, I succeeded (just now) in figuring out how to import all the old posts from “Interesting Mathematics” onto this blog. Of course that gives me an incentive to continue blogging about mathematics here.

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Rebuilding the web site

I created my departmental web pages in 1998 and 1999, when I moved to Penn State. Though I’ve updated it a few times since then, the basic structure has been the same. Old-fashioned, static HTML pages, created with a text editor.

Now the math department is shutting down its server for faculty personal web pages and I have to move to WordPress. It’s going to be a bit of a learning curve, but, I hope, one that is worthwhile in the end.

Meanwhile, bear with me.

The more I think the more confused I get

This stuff can be confusing




technological toys

Inspired by Nigel (who is often on the bleeding edge of technology) I ordered a Fujitsu ScanSnap – see below – which arrived a day ago. It’s about the size of a loaf of bread, has one control button (“Scan”), and scans 20 double-sided pages per minute to PDF. I hope to use it to organize the piles of preprints, handwritten notes and manuscripts that I have accumulated in nearly thirty years as a mathematician.

That then begs the question – what software should I use to keep track of the resulting huge pile of PDFs? Right how I am working with Zotero which will organize pdfs, archive them on a WebDAV server, and also integrate with Penn State’s library and other sources of bibliographic info. And it will seamlessly import the bibtex bibliography that I have maintained since I started using TeX. But there may well be other useful software packages out there that will do the same or better – any suggestions?