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September, 2013

  1. Week 4: Solid Shampoo Bars

    September 26, 2013 by Jayme Renee Rhoads


    By now, you must all know my extreme love for LUSH because of their great smelling and effective products. But there is another side to LUSH that is even more appealing than that; ingenuity! Many of the products are so unique in their function and design. Such as the toothy tabs that I talked about last week. But this week, I want to share my love for their amazing shampoo- solid shampoo bars!


    Solid Shampoo Bars

    It may seem crazy that these colorful hockey-puck-like discs can be effective hair care, but I find that they work better than regular liquid shampoo and are healthier for your hair too. These discs do not contain any preservatives, since they do not have liquid in them. Because of the nature of this bar, it does not require any packaging whatsoever. It was even voted in 2008 as the winner of The Best Green Packaging Award; there’s no greener packaging than none at all! Another improvement over regular shampoo- they are easier for travelling. There is no worry about them leaking (since there is no water content) and they are much lighter to carry with you. LUSH sells wonderful tins that perfectly fit the shampoo bars, which makes it the easiest way to travel with them.


    LUSH shampoo bar tin.

    LUSH shampoo bar tin.

    One thing that I especially love about these bars is that they last way longer than any liquid shampoo. Since there is no liquid content, they are extremely concentrated. I am not lying when I say that on average these shampoo bars last me around 7 to 8 months. And they do not lose their effectiveness at all! So not only does that make your money stretch out for a longer time, but it also eliminates the amount of shampoo bottles that one would throw out in a year’s time. I used to use a bottle of shampoo every month, so this is a definite improvement in my life.

    I personally have tried five of the shampoo bars. In order of when I tried them: Squeaky Green, Jumping Juniper, NEW!, Godiva and Seanik. I just love LUSH product names. Squeaky Green is the green one that smells really earthy in a very nice way. It is fresh, and really does its job well. There are nettles in the bar, that seem like they might be an issue, but they never were. My boyfriend got this bar  (without any prompting from me)  while we were at a LUSH in Atlantic City. Ever since, he uses it every other day (only using his conditioner on the other days). His hair always smells fresh and nice! He tells me that “It doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry, it feels nourished and soft. It’s very effective, and fun too! Although, using this at the dorm is a little difficult, these bars can disintegrate if left in water, and need to be left on a soap dish to dry. It’s much easier if you can live at home and use it.”

    Squeaky Green that I bought in Montreal.

    Squeaky Green that I bought in Montreal.

    Jumping Juniper is a lovely lavender bar. It is meant more for oily hair (my hair is normal), but I loved the smell of it so much that I just had to try it. It is a very soft herbal scent. This bar really does bring out the shine in one’s hair, and it is a very effective cleanser.

    Jumping Juniper from Montreal.

    Jumping Juniper from Montreal.

    NEW! is bright red and smells of rich cinnamon, and the smell only gets better as you lather it onto your hair! If you don’t like cinnamon, I would stay away from this bar because it is strong. It reminds me of Christmas, and I love how the smell just swarms around my bathroom when I use it. (It is a perfect pair with the American Cream conditioner from LUSH.) NEW! is meant to stimulate hair growth with the cinnamon and clove put into it, I don’t know if it did that for me, because I can’t really tell, but my hair was definitely strong and soft.

    NEW! bar in LUSH tin.

    NEW! bar in LUSH tin.

    Godiva is a cool one because it  has conditioning butters in it, making it a 2-in-1 bar. I personally am not fond of 2-in-1 hair care, but the idea was still cool. The smell is a very strong-jasmine, and I am not a huge strong-jasmine lover so unfortunately this was not my favorite shampoo bar. I’m sure other people who like the smell of jasmine (such as my mother) really like this bar!



    Then there is Seanik. Oh this is the perfect solid shampoo bar for my hair. I wanted it because it smells just like the mimosa and soft jasmine shower scrub Rub, Rub, Rub from LUSH. So I grabbed it because I loved the smell, but I keep buying it because it works so well with my hair! Every time I use it, my hair feels so clean and fresh. I go without styling my hair now because of this bar. It really creates natural waves in my hair and brings out my color because it is so nourishing with Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed. I love this bar, and it lasts so long! I bought my current bar all the way back in February, and I still have another week or two left of use from it. I use it every day with LUSH’s Veganese conditioner, and the smells go really well together. No other shampoo makes my hair feel as good as this one does.

    Seanik in tin.

    Seanik in tin.

    A little note for to make shampoo bars last longer: You must keep them out of water when not in use. They disintegrate very quickly if left in water, so I always keep mine in a soap dish away from water. Letting them drain and dry is key to making them last a really long time.

    Another great thing is that they lather up really, really well! They create huge amounts of lather with only very little product, which makes them effective and long-lasting. I absolutely love these bars, and I highly recommend at least trying them out!

    Au revoir!

    Jayme Renee

  2. Week 3: Roses

    September 19, 2013 by Jayme Renee Rhoads

    Oh my lord, I cannot contain myself… So I totally had a plan about what I was going to write about this week, but I can’t keep to a set plan when I have news…THE ROSE JAM SHOWER GEL IS IN EXISTENCE! You cannot understand my excitement without me telling you that the Rose Jam scent from LUSH is literally my favorite scent on the planet. For my nose, nothing can beat it. That is a pretty serious statement, but I am sticking to it unless LUSH comes up with another amazing masterpiece, but it would be pretty hard to trump this baby.


    So I remember back to the time when Rose Jam wasn’t part of my life. I was looking at the LUSH UK website when I stumbled upon a product that wasn’t available in the US: the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. I love roses, I love bubbles, and I love macarons. This was sure to be the perfect product for me. I’m still amazed that I was able to prophesize the arrival of this product in the US. As soon as it came in, I tried to get to a LUSH store to see if I would indeed love it; well I did, and I do. Currently, I have three Rose Jam Bubbleroons in my clothing drawers, making my clothes smell like lemony sugared roses. What a scent!

    Rose Jam Bubbleroon.

    Rose Jam Bubbleroon.

    As soon as I got on the rose jam craze, more products came out, and I seized them. There was Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, a clever idea of making a moisturizing shower gel that leaves your skin feeling like you put on lotion right after you step out of the shower. Then came A Million Kisses, a bright red lip tint. And soon after Chou Chou…I Love You, the revolutionary toothy tabs (solid toothpaste). The rose scent is no longer just for elder ladies, no sirree. This is the new rose scent- a modern rose, fit for any woman of any age of any time.

    My collection of Rose Jam scented items.

    My collection of Rose Jam scented items.

    In between starting and finishing this blog post, I happened to take a lovely Rose Jam Bubbleroon bath. I had almost forgotten just how wonderful the scent was. After softly crumbling the pink bubbleroon under the faucet, my tub was filled with rosey pink water (that is good for your skin) and beautiful bubbles. This product is a masterpiece. I was able to relax and just feel pampered. I highly recommend the Rose Jam Bubbleroon for any time that you need a little pick-me-up.

    For the first time, I tried out my Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It has the exact same scent as the bubbleroon so it was the perfect addition to my bath. It is so moisturizing that I didn’t need to put on lotion after the bath. I even massaged some of it into my hair, and it smelled amazing for the rest of the day!


    Then there is A Million Kisses which has the same Rose Jam scent. I absolutely adore a rich red lip color, and this definitely is that! I only have to put a little bit on to have a nice red lip tint. The tin is also really cute.


    And finally, Chou Chou toothy tabs. First off, I should describe what toothy tabs are; they are little tabs (almost like Altoids) that you chew up between your teeth and then brush! They foam up just like regular toothpaste. I thought it would be really weird to have a rose and lemon tasting toothpaste, but it honestly is very refreshing! I don’t use them on a daily basis, but they are a fun break from the normal dental routine every once in awhile.


    All in all, the Rose Jam scent is wonderful, and I am extremely excited that they have decided to put it into a shower gel. This is only a limited time product though, starting in late October, and it will be gone from the shelves by Christmas. I’m trying to organize a trip to a LUSH store as soon as possible so I can go see this majesty for myself. If you go on the website, it might shock you to look at the prices. But I’ll be the first to tell you that it is so worth it! The shower gels from LUSH last extremely long, since they are very concentrated and a little goes a very long way. I bought the biggest size of It’s Raining Men (the shower gel form of Honey I Washed the Kids soap) and it has lasted me for about a year and 4 months while using it basically every day. So even though you will end up spending $30 all at once for the biggest size of the shower gels, that price will be well worth it. Hopefully I’ll get the Rose Jam shower gel soon and tell you what it’s like!



    Jayme Renee

  3. Week 2: Fresh Farmacy

    September 12, 2013 by Jayme Renee Rhoads

    Bonjour! So this week, I really want to praise one of my first purchases from LUSH: Fresh Farmacy! This was the pretty pink facial cleansing soap that attracted me during my first time back in a LUSH store after half a decade. In NYC’s Herald Square, there is a lovely little LUSH store just around the corner from the giant Macy’s. My friend Taylor took me in there (during her birthday trip to the city), and as I said in my first post, it stirred back memories of a store I had been to in New Zealand. So there was something special about this store for me, and I felt compelled to buy something.

        First of all, I need to say that the smell of each and every LUSH store hits your senses all at once in the most appealing way. I, for one, love smells- I am a perfume/scent fanatic, so this place was perfect for my nose. Yes, LUSH stores smell wonderful- it’s a hard smell to describe because everything in the store is so fragrant but not in a synthetic way. The smells are natural, but not in a “hippie” way. It’s bizarre, but anyone who has visited a LUSH store knows what I am talking about.

        Anyways, I happily browsed around the lovely smelling boutique containing colorful soaps, cleansers, shower gels, body scrubs, shampoos, bubble bars and bath bombs. Everything was so delightful, bright and happy. The employees were very helpful and sweet! And as I shopped, I came upon the table showing off their amazing facial cleansers, and there was this light pink face soap that promised to be gentle, natural and effective. It’s called Fresh Farmacy, and anytime I say the name or think of it, I get a special little feeling inside; the same feeling I got when I first saw this beauty of a facial cleanser. I had never tried bar soap as a facial cleanser, but I was attracted to the idea of it. With excitement of getting something new, I asked one of the LUSH workers to cut off a hunk worth about $5 of the Fresh Farmacy.


    A wheel of Fresh Farmacy, just so that you can see what it looks like.

    Each soap is made in a large wheel or block, and you can choose exactly how much of it you would like to buy. The workers weigh pieces so that you can specifically choose how much you are willing to spend at the time. It’s perfect.


    This was a different purchase, but I wanted to show what the wrapping paper looks like, and how they measure out the weight/price. Just to let you know, this $11 hunk lasted me for about 8 months, so it’s totally worth it.

        I received my $5 worth of the beautiful pink cleanser wrapped in LUSH’s own compostable paper. This store literally thinks of every way to be environmentally friendly (and friendly to your skin). Such as: the reason why this light pink cleanser is in bar soap form is because LUSH didn’t want to keep it in a watery form, that way preservatives would not have to be used to keep this cleanser fresh. I loved the whole idea of all of this, and I’m so glad I was drawn into buying Fresh Farmacy.

        So I was happy with my Fresh Farmacy in hand, and I figured I’d get something else to treat myself. I bought the Mask of Magnaminty, a minty face mask. At the checkout, the cashier threw in a free sample of the Ocean Salt facial scrub… And so, for less than $20, I received joy, three great products, excitement, and a new love affair for the rest of my life; that’s what I call a bargain.


    My purchases of that day in NYC.

        I was terribly excited to try Fresh Farmacy out. I unwrapped the lovely LUSH paper, and smelled a scent that will always be with me. Fresh Farmacy smells like the color light pink. It is gentle, soothing, relaxing, kind and pretty. Yes, all that can come from a smell. It even has an earthy scent tied in, which adds to its calming quality. This cleanser is meant to be calming for even the most sensitive skin. My skin isn’t rather sensitive, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to use something soothing and gentle. It contains natural ingredients such as calamine, chamomile, rose and lavender- which create the lovely scent, alongside tea tree to deal with blemishes.

        Not only does it smell amazing, but it really works too! It’s amazing that something so gentle can be terribly effective. I just rub a slice of the soap between my palms with warm water, and it lathers up instantly into perfect light pink bubbles. The feeling of it is so smooth, especially on the face. But even with it being really gentle, it does cleanse well. I have taken off the most stubborn makeup with ease while using Fresh Farmacy. Even black eyeliner doesn’t stand a chance against this lovely cleanser.  Plus, since it isn’t harsh, your face is not dry after using it. Another great thing: it really helps with bug bites! The calming qualities given by the calamine naturally and effectively help to diminish pesky bug bites. Seriously, this is an amazing product.


    My hunk of FF from a LUSH store in Montreal.

        I have been to many stores all around the world since the one in Herald Square, and I have purchased Fresh Farmacy time and time again. I always have some on hand, and I never grow tired of it. I’m not lying to you when I say this: I love using Fresh Farmacy every single time. I feel good about using it, and I know it really helps my skin to be clean and fresh. This is the perfect facial cleanser, and I will always go back to it. Oh, I just love it!


    Jayme Renee

  4. Introduction to my love.

    September 5, 2013 by Jayme Renee Rhoads

    Bienvenue to my site! Here, I will give you my best ruminations about my favorite cosmetic company, LUSH. Yes, I know this may seem girly, silly or superficial, but I’d like to think that perhaps my ‘beauty blog’ can serve as something more than just a product-review type of deal. I am here to write about my passion, which happens to be strongly linked to this one company. A company for charity, beauty, fun and most of all green-thinking. Guys—don’t fret! This isn’t just for girls! You can be included in this as well, because LUSH cannot care about the world without caring about half its population! I hope to give all of you insight into my passion, and allow you to understand why my love runs so deep for one particular company. I hope to come off as more than  just a silly girl who loves to be surrounded by fruity ‘bubble-bars’ and fragrant, fizzy ‘bath bombs’. This is not just about cosmetics nor superfluous body treats, but rather about feeling well within, and allowing your outside to match. We all need a little love, and we might as well treat ourselves from time to time, while treating the environment as well.


    Bubble bars.

    So what is this LUSH business? Well, it started off as a humble company… I won’t go into the details, but if you’re keen on reading the history of my favorite company, then please visit here. But basically the creators had key ideas about how they would want their cosmetic products to be made: fresh, handmade, natural as can be, and with as little packaging/preservatives as possible. Pure genius. Their humble beginning was just a start to a major world-wide company. Even with its huge growth, LUSH retained the ideals upon which it was based—making it an admirable company that still feels like a unique boutique experience at each store.

    LUSH store

    What a typical LUSH store looks like.

    My love affair with LUSH began many years ago while I was living in New Zealand. My mother and I were enjoying a lovely sunny day of shopping in downtown Wellington. As we were prancing around, we stumbled upon a great smelling shop. Our noses led us downstairs to what seemed to be a one-of-a-kind soap boutique. The smells swirled and intoxicated us, it all had the aroma of happiness. Unfortunately at the time, we didn’t quite understand the whole idea of specialty soap/cosmetics. Even so, my mother picked up a rather large hunk of patchouli scented orange soap with a funky name, and purchased it.

    We had thought this downstairs boutique was the only one in the world. Years passed without LUSH in our lives… until I went to NYC with my best friend, Taylor. We walked into this amazing smelling store, and something about it triggered old memories. Due to my frugality, I normally don’t spend anything unless it is completely necessary, but something about this place encouraged me to buy one of the pretty face soaps and a face mask in this cute little black pot. And at the register, the lovely lady gave me a free sample of another facial cleanser. This was sure to be the start of an amazing love affair.

    fresh farm

    One of my first purchases from LUSH.

    Once I got home from my fun trip, I showed my mother all my purchases. Her face carefully examined my black, yellow and green bag from LUSH. “Jayme, isn’t that the place we went to in Wellington?”.

    Memories surged of that singular hunk of soap bought about half a decade earlier. The scent still lingered in my nose as I went online to the LUSH website to connect the dots. Wouldn’t you know it; it was the same company that had intrigued me so much both times! My love began and grew exponentially as I researched the company more and more while creating lists of my future purchases. Hundreds of products later, and stores around the world visited; I am here to tell you all what this company has to offer and why it has become my passion.

    Until next time,

    Jayme Renee

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