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Week 6: Funny names and honey products.

October 10, 2013 by Jayme Renee Rhoads   

So late last night around 1am, I was procrastinating going to bed and I figured I would go into my LUSH box to get out my facial soaps so that I could cut off little hunks to use.

My LUSH box that no longer holds all of my huge collection.

My LUSH box next to my LUSH catalogues and only some of my soaps.

Upon pulling out the box and rummaging around to get to my Fresh Farmacy and Coal Face cleansers, I was struck with the most amazing smell. It was like an entire LUSH store in one concentrated area; it was too much like heaven for me. With all that temptation, I couldn’t just put the box away after cutting off chunks of my cleansers so I fished around and came upon one of my most prized possessions– my soap box. Inside I have large chunks and sample sizes of most of all LUSH soaps in existence. The one soap in my collection that I drooled the most over was this:

Honey I Washed the Kids

Honey I Washed the Kids

Honey I Washed the Kids is one of the best selling products from LUSH. Its honey, caramel and toffee scent is literally irresistible. It’s almost criminal how good this soap smells. I personally was not able to control myself when I smelled this soap for the first time. I had read many rave reviews about it on the website, but I figured the smell would be too sweet for me. However, once I finally made it to the LUSH in Montreal in 2011 (this was my first time at a LUSH that I actually knew about the store and had researched the products), I simply was not able to walk out of the store without buying this masterpiece.

Honey I Washed the Kids from Montreal.

Honey I Washed the Kids from Montreal– July of 2011

With my first hunk of Honey I Washed the Kids from Montreal, I literally used to just take it out of its wrapping to smell and look at it. It’s just so pretty! There is real honeycomb on top of each slice which ads to the coolness factor of this soap. I love how LUSH can adapt something so ordinary as body soap and make it into a real treat. I was reluctant to actually use my bar of HIWTK, but I just had to try it out. I couldn’t have ever been happier with this soap. I wish I had a picture of my unwrapped soap from Montreal; it really was gorgeous but this slice will suffice:


HIWTK from King of Prussia mall– March of 2012.

The smell… it takes me back to that perfect day in Montreal. The scent makes me feel comforted. It’s like the richest caramel toffee cake topped with real honeycomb. It actually looks like a type of cake that I make with my Grandma, and maybe that’s why this soap is so special to me. It has stolen my heart along with hearts of many other LUSH lovers. This is the iconic LUSH soap.

Two hunks (of soap).

Two hunks (of soap).

Not only does it smell amazingly mouth-watering good, but it works better than any soap on the planet. It lathers into a rich and soft cream that feels like a treat for your skin. I can feel how softening it is and my skin feels so clean. It has moisturizing qualities that just make you feel so cozy and loved. The real Canadian honey and beeswax give this soap such a rich feel and smell that will linger with you.


From NYC– October of 2011

Eventually, LUSH had the genius idea to use this same scent in a shower gel–It’s Raining Men. I just love LUSH names! My mother and I went to a LUSH in King of Prussia for my 17th birthday and she was the one who couldn’t resist buying the shower gel. Obviously since It’s Raining Men was in my house, I had to try it. And it did not disappoint! The smell is exactly the same as Honey I Washed the Kids and it lathers the same way. After our medium sized bottle was used up, I had to buy the biggest size possible while I was in NYC. I bought that 16.9 oz bottle in April of 2012. I have used It’s Raining Men basically every other day and I probably have another month of use left. That’s a year and 6 months that one bottle of shower gel has lasted me! LUSH products are wonderful; they last forever, they smell amazing, they are good for your skin and the environment, and best of all they are effective!

Medium bottle of It's Raining Men

Medium bottle of It’s Raining Men

Another product with the same scent as Honey I Washed the Kids and It’s Raining Men is Soft Coeur (Coeur means heart in French). It is a massage bar (which is basically a solid lotion). I will tell you more about what massage bars are in another post, but I just wanted to let you know of the massage bar that smells like the wonderful honey and toffee scent that I love so much.

Soft Coeur Massage Bar

Soft Coeur Massage Bar

Moral of the story: if you are ever in a LUSH store, please smell (and fall in love with) Honey I Washed the Kids. It is an iconic LUSH product that does not disappoint.

My lesson from writing this blog: I shouldn’t have neglected my Honey I Washed the Kids for so long. I have two large hunks of it in my box that have just been sitting there because I haven’t wanted to use them up. I finally got the courage to start using it again and I’m so glad! I wash my hands really often in the morning while I am putting on my makeup therefore my hands typically get really dry. But using HIWTK as my hand soap during my morning routine actually improved the softness of my hands. I love this soap, and I’m extremely happy to be using it again.

Have a great day!

~Jayme Renee


  1. Laura Beebe says:

    I love Lush! I only have a few of their products, but I was really impressed by their quality. I’ll have to look into more of what they offer!

  2. Jack DiMidio says:

    This is a really great post! That soap not only looks good but you make it sound even better! I’ll have to smell it with you sometime!

  3. Alyssa San Jose says:

    Love that they use a real honeycomb on the bar! That’s so unique and natural

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