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New (and loved) products.

January 30, 2014 by Jayme Renee Rhoads   

Since I last posted about LUSH products, I have received four shipments in the mail, received LUSH items as birthday presents and gone to a LUSH store in the King of Prussia mall. With that being said, I have added to my LUSH collection tremendously. Some items are returning favorites, while others are completely new to me. So the ones I really want to talk about in the post are the new products that have really impressed me. A lot of them have been in the LUSH inventory for a long time, but I just never really paid attention to them. I’ve learned that everything is worth looking into a little bit more. Don’t just pass up on things, give everything a try!

LUSH package!

LUSH package!

Firstly, I want to talk about The Olive Branch shower gel. This is a LUSH staple, and has been around for a very long time. It just doesn’t receive as much hype as other products do, but I absolutely love this shower gel! It smells of fresh mandarin juice and bergamot oil with real organic olive oil. It’s like a trip to the Mediterranean captured in a 100% recyclable bottle. They first made this shower gel for men, since the smell isn’t as sweet as other LUSH shower gels. I think it’s a very beautiful smell that both men and women would love. I certainly love the smell of it! It’s fresh and warm at the same time. In the shower, it really lathers well and it softens the skin with the olive oil. I used to just pass this shower gel but once I bought the Christmas Penguin bubble bar (which has the same scent as the Olive Branch) I knew I had to get this shower gel. I really really love it!




Then there is Sea Spray. This was probably added to the LUSH line within the past two years, and normally I try to obtain all new products, but this one didn’t interest me for some reason. I guess I just never realized that it’s actually a natural hair spray! Once I found that out, I bought it while I was at the King of Prussia LUSH store the weekend before the semester started. It smells absolutely amazing! It has neroli oil which is very fragrant and it somehow just smells like the best natural smells at the beach. It is perfect for my hair because I like to just let it air dry and let the natural curls come out, Sea Spray is perfect at making those curls stay and perfuming my hair with a lovely natural scent. I really recommend this product if you want to take a more natural approach with your hair spray.




Handy Gurugu. Honestly, I feel bad saying this, but I never knew about this product before. I always looked at the hand care items, but this one never crossed my mind. However, when I went to King of Prussia, my hands were terribly red and dry because of some reaction I had to the fabric of my new pair of gloves. I was in need of some help, and this rich and herbal hand cream smoothed out all my skin issues within one day of using it! It was the miracle cream I needed! It’s one of the richest hand creams on the planet, but it magically smooths into the skin and hands are not left all greasy. It moisturizes all day long, which I love because I used to have to bring hand cream with me wherever I went. It has even kept my hands soft during these really cold winter days. I love this stuff!




Potion Lotion. OH MY LORD. I love this body lotion. I just love it. Oh my goodness. So I was on (like every other day of my life), and I decided “Hey, I’m going to go through the Retro section on LUSH”. The Retro section is online only; it includes products that have been around for a long time and have been taken off the shelves so that new products can be bought in store. But these Retro products are ones that people begged to have kept around for purchase. I normally don’t look through the Retro stuff because I have no idea what it smells like. But, I looked through anyways, and I came across Potion Lotion. I never paid attention to it before, but I did this time. The description sounded way too good to be true: a spicy carnation scent with rose undertones. All the customer reviews raved about how great this product smelled, so I caved and I bought it instantly. I waited for it to arrive in the mail, and our meeting was glorious. Potion Lotion smells wonderful! It’s literally a warm and spicy floral scent. It’s so unique and beautiful and it blends so well with the other scents of my LUSH products. I only need to use a little bit from head to toe and my skin is so soft. I will always return to this product. Just absolutely wonderful!



Alla prossima!

Jayme Renee


  1. Jennifer says:

    The hand lotion stuff sounds really nice. I just had to get Aveno hand lotion because my hands were starting to crack up here at Penn State. By the way, it seems like you get a lot of this stuff, does that mean you just love to add to a collection? or does it not last very long if you use it often? I’m curious because Bath and Body Works things seem to last me a while but I keep buying it just to have it 🙂

  2. Helen Tang says:

    I could probably use some of that Handy Gurugu stuff. My hands get ridiculously dry every winter if I don’t put on lotion every day.

  3. Alyssa San Jose says:

    I think I’ll have to try the Potion Lotion! That does sound great!

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