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NYC Treats

March 6, 2014 by Jayme Renee Rhoads   

All my goodies from NYC

All my goodies from NYC

So this past weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to go to NYC with my boyfriend and his family. I love the city because in some weird way it feels comfortable to me. I also love it because there are LUSH stores all over the place! I was able to visit two LUSH stores, one in Herald Square and the other in Union Square (where our hotel was). Of course I was super excited to go to LUSH even though I don’t need any more products. But! I forced myself to believe that I needed to go because I wanted to bring in five black pots for recycling to receive a fresh face mask for free! I have never returned any of my black pots from LUSH because I am admittedly sort of a LUSH hoarder.. but I told myself that I had to do this.

My five black pots that I returned

My five black pots that I returned

With my five clean black pots, I gladly skipped over to the LUSH in Union Square. In return, I received a free Catastrophe Cosmetic. This fresh face mask is a miracle worker. The last time I used it, my skin on my face was in its best condition ever! It is filled with fresh blueberries and calamine and it makes my skin feel so great. Plus it smells delicious!

Free face mask!

Free face mask!

However, I wasn’t content just getting one thing.. so I asked if I could get a free sample of the Neon Love soap. I don’t know if I have said this before but LUSH gives out free samples of just about anything in the store. I love getting samples and testing things out, plus it makes me feel like I got a lot of stuff without spending lots of money. This soap was limited edition for Valentine’s Day and I was surprised they still had it in the store. I smells really fruity and I like it a lot!



After that little and free trip to LUSH, my boyfriend and I went and put my fresh face mask in the refrigerator in our hotel room (because fresh face masks have to be kept cold or else they spoil). Then we started our trek all the way up to Times Square… But of course we had to stop at the LUSH in Herald Square. I told myself that I wasn’t going to get anything but my boyfriend is an enabler and he actually persuaded me to get a lot more than I needed to. Oh well, that’s why I love him. A very friendly LUSH worker named Nicole hung out with us for about an hour and she was really helpful! I love making friends with the LUSH staff (if you are friendly with them, they tend to give you a lot more samples). I first caved in when I came to the lip scrubs. I have been wanting Mint Julips for a while. It is so minty and it has been really beneficial to the texture of my lips! I’m really glad I bought it.



Then I walked around more, she got me a few samples; one being Lemony Flutter, a cuticle cream. It smells so lemony and it’s very moisturizing, I’ll definitely buy the full size one next time I visit LUSH.


I then walked over to the hair products and I couldn’t help but to fall in love with Karma Komba. It is a solid shampoo bar that smells so fresh and lovely. It smells exactly like Karma soap, Karma bubble bar and Karma Kream body lotion.



Nicole then persuaded me to get Roots, which is a really minty hair treatment. It smelled so good and promised to make my hair feel nice so I bought it too! I then used it that night and my hair had never been softer nor smelled so good!


I had been searching for Independent, their black eyeliner, for quite some time. But I found out that they were reformulating it so it was no longer in stores. However, Nicole let me in on a secret– I could use the Eyes Right Mascara as eyeliner! So I bought that, and she gave me a free eyeliner brush. It works really well as an eyeliner and now it’s really cool that I have a two-in-one product for my eye makeup!



She also gave me two more free samples, Lovely Jubblies (which I am using as an eye-cream) and Fair Trade Honey shampoo. Before leaving the store, I hugged Nicole and thanked her for being such a great help. Overall, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at LUSH and it made me extremely happy. I’m just waiting for my next chance to visit NYC! I miss it so much already.


Jayme Renee


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