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Time to Celebrate!

April 23, 2014 by Jayme Renee Rhoads   

Congrats, guys! We successfully completed our first year at PSU! It’s hard to believe that one year is done already, but I’m thankful I made it through (relatively unharmed). I have enjoyed this class especially since it gave me a platform to profess my passion for LUSH. Luckily for all the tired and exhausted students, LUSH has one of the best ways to celebrate a victory: big rich hollywood style bubbles. My mind is set on taking a luxurious bubble bath as soon as I have finished my last final. The trouble is… which one should I choose?

Immediately my mind rushed to the beloved Comforter bubble bar. Its blackcurrant scented bubbles and light purple waters are the reasons why this bubble bar is a best-seller all year round. Not to mention, it’s huge and you can cut it into 4 big pieces for 4 glorious baths. I’m not kidding when I say that this bubble bar creates bubbles like in the movies. I always say that I will take a bath when I get everything accomplished ahead of time.. well it suffices to say that I have only taken 3-4 bubble baths this entire freshman year. I think I’m due for a nice soak… Perhaps Comforter will be there to comfort me?

My first Comforter-- from Montreal

My first Comforter– from Montreal

Smells like: Blackberry bath bomb

But what about my darling Rose Jam Bubbleroon? Oh, it would surely be the sweet treat to appease my cravings. It’s rosy, moisturizing, softening, loving, pink, perfumed and gorgeous! Plus I have the soap, shower gel and body conditioner to accompany my dear sweet friend. I have three of these dearies tucked away in a box just dying to be used. I surely would feel rewarded by using this dreamy bubble maker.


Smells like: Scentenary Soap (limited edition), Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, Rose Jam Shower Gel (limited edition)

However, I still have several holiday bubble bars in my possession that are in need of being used. Such as the Candy Mountain which smells just like the vanilla and candy scented Rock Star soap and the year round Creamy Candy bubble bar. It’s a lovely twist with gentle sparkles and loads of charm. This would be a fun and girly way to celebrate the end of the spring semester.


Smells like: Rock Star Soap, and Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

And then there is absolutely unique and wonderful Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon whose scent reminds me of one of my favorite miniature German cookies. Like the Rose Jam Bubbleroon, it is super cute and super softening to the skin. The inner “jam” part is filled with coconut oil and shea butter. I have two of these darlings which I have yet to try and I’m thinking that maybe this could be the one?


Smells like: nothing else!

These are my top contenders to celebrate this victory in my life. I’m hoping that all of you get a chance to just relax and enjoy the feeling of being accomplished. I hope that your finals go well and that you all have continuing success!

Bon travail et bonnes vacances, mes amis!

~Jayme Renee


P.S. I figure that now is probably the best time to show you my embarrassingly large LUSH collection… Enjoy!

Jayme Renee's LUSH collection

Jayme Renee’s LUSH collection

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  1. Alyssa San Jose says:

    It’s so sad that these are the last blogs we’ll have to write/read/comment on! It is definitely time to celebrate 🙂

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