Penn State University

2014-present  Associate Professor, Comparative Literature and Asian Studies.

2014-present  Faculty Senator, Faculty Senate of Penn State University.

2014-2015  Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies, Global and International Studies.

2013-2015  Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Comparative Literature.

2008-2014  Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature and Asian Studies.

Harvard University

2008-2009  Postdoctoral Fellow, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies.

Bowling Green State University

2006-2008  Assist. Professor, German, Russian, East Asian Languages.

Columbia University

2005-2006  Postdoctoral Fellow, Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

Manhattanville College

Spring 2004  Lecturer, East Asian Studies.

Rutgers University

Fall 1999  Lecturer, East Asian Studies.


Princeton University, Graduate School, 1998-2005.  Ph.D. (2005), M.A. (2001), Comparative Literature.

University of Tokyo, Dept. of Information and Linguistic Sciences, 2002-2003.  Researcher.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 1996-1997. M.A. (1997), English and Comparative Literature.

University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences, 1989-1993. B.A. (1993) with honors.

Languages: Japanese, French (Reading) , German (Reading)




Redacted: The Archives of Censorship in Transwar Japan

Fall 2012 from Studies of the Weatherhead East Asia Institute and the Asia Pacific Modern series at the University of California Press.

This book argues that censorship preserves and produces, even as it destroys.  Despite their stated institutional function to delete, remove, and destroy, historically censors have collected and preserved that material judged to be impermissible.  Likewise under the pressure of the threat of suppression, writers produce literature that flirts with the categories defined as legal taboo.  At the height of state censorship in Japan, more indexes of banned books circulated, more essays on censorship were published, more erotic and proletarian fiction was produced, and more offensive passages were deleted and replaced with asterisks, Xs, and Os than at any other moment before and after.  Reading this detritus left in the wake of censorship reveals not only the violence of the authorities, but also their productive influence on discourse.  By looking at literary censorship through a transwar and transnational perspective, this book proposes a method for transcending the politics of blame evident in postwar critiques of Japanese literary production and repression.


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“Of Asian Boxes…” with Charlotte Eubanks, Verge: Studies in Global Asias 1:2 Fall 2015, vii-xv.

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“Can Cool Japan save Post-Disaster Japan? On the Possibilities and Impossibilities of a Cool Japanology” Journal of Japanese Sociology, Fall 2011.

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“Packaging Desires: The Unmentionables of Japanese Film,” Perversion and Modern Japan: Psychoanalysis, Literature, Culture edited by Keith Vincent and Nina Cornyetz, Routledge, 2009. 272-307.

“Nakano Shigeharu’s ‘Politics and Art’: The Redacted Text and Subsequent Restorations” published in Japanese as “Nakano Shigeharu ‘Seiji to geijutsu’ fuseji honbun to sono fukugen” with Yokote Kazuhiko, in Bungaku Hihyō Josetsu (Explications, Literary Criticism), III(4) November, 2009.  138-149.

“The Ero-Puro Sense: Declassifying Censored Literature from Interwar Japan,” Japan Forum, 19(3) 2007. 341-367.

“Canon and Censor: How War Wounds Bodies of Writing,” Comparative Literature Studies, 42(1): Winter 2005. 74-93.

“Translation as Community: The Opacity of Modernizations of Genji monogatari (Tales of Genji),” Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation, edited by Sandra Bermann and Michael Wood, Princeton University Press, 2005. 146-158.

“Archiving the Forbidden: War Responsibilities and Censored Literature,” Hermeneutical Strategies: Methods of Interpretation in the Study of Japanese Literature (PAJLS, 5) Summer 2004. 421-444.

“Different from Difference: Rereading Kurutta Ippeiji (A Page of Madness),” Asian Cinema, 12(5) Fall 2001. 72-96.

Reviews and Encyclopedia Entries

“Edogawa Ranpo” and “Natsume Sōseki,” in Encyclopedia of Modernism (Routledge, Forthcoming)

“Myths of the Market” book review in Modern Language Quarterly (MLQ) Spring 2012.

“Detecting Details: Recent Historical Investigations of Japanese Murder Mysteries,” book review in the International Journal of Asian Studies 7:1, 2010. 221-225.

“Ōe Kenzaburō” and “Etō Jun,” in Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (New York: Scribner, 2002).


Critical introduction and co-translation with Hiroki Yoshikuni and Darwin Tsen of Karatani Kōjin’s 2004 Nēshon to bigaku (Nation and Aesthetics) (Oxford University Press, 2017).

Translation and introduction of Azuma Hiroki’s 2001 Dōbutsuka suru posutomodan (Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals) with Shion Kono (Minnesota: Minnesota University Press,  2009). 144 pages.


Invited talks

“On Collecting Data,” Japan Digital Humanities Workshop, University of Chicago, November 2016.

“Critical Digital Humanism and Japanese Twitterature after 3-11,” Japan Forum, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University, February 2016.

“Japanese Twitterature after 3-11: Social Media Fictions and the Subtitle for the Real,” Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan, November 2015.

“Not Everyone ?s: Or, The Question of Universal Expression in Un-Literary Media,” Resident Scholars and Artists Lecture Series, Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Penn State, November 2015.

“The New Real: Media, Marketing, and Mimesis Made in Japan,” Yale University, April 2014.

“The Remarkable Presence of Kissing in Imperial Japan,” Waseda University, Tokyo, July 2013.

“Virtual Sōseki,” Graduate Seminar in East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, September 2012.

“Kiss and Censor,” Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, March 2012

“Summer Wars: Superflat, Parallax, and Limits of Cartesian Thought,” Kellog Institute, Notre Dame University, March 2011

“The Language of Slaves: Nakano Shigeharu’s Redactionary Literature,” Asian Pacific Studies Institute Lecture Series, Duke University, November 2010.

“The Aesthetics of Redaction,” East Asian Studies Center Colloquium in conjunction with Department of Comparative Literature, Indiana University, Bloomington, April 2010.

“Translating Low Cultures,” Institute for Advanced Study Literary Translation Seminar, Indiana University, Bloomington, April 2010.

“On the Fringe of Cool Japan,” The Futures of Cool Japanology, An International Symposium at the Center for the Study of World Civilizations, Tokyo Institute of Technology, March 2010.

“Marking Deletion Under Censorship: The Continued Aesthetics of Redaction in Postwar Japan”

Censorship, Media, and Literary Culture In Japan, An International Symposium at Columbia U., March 2009.

“Otaku Readers vs. Otaku Consumers,” Graduate Seminar in East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, December 2008.

“Overrated Underwear,” Japanese Studies Series, University of Massachusetts, Boston, November 2008.

“Tracks of Censorship: Preserving Marks of Suppression in Japan, 1923 to 1976”

Japan Forum, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University, October 2008.

“Fun with Fuseji: Redaction Overdrive and the Archives of Japanese Censorship, 1923-1976,” Midwest Japan Seminar, September 2008.

“Inside-out: Transnationalizing Asia” responding to “Challenging Borders in East Asia” panel Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, Atlanta, April 2008.

“When Redactions Speak Louder than Words: Tortured Texts, Strategic Silence, and the Literary Casualties of War,” Comparative Literature Department, New York University, March 2008.

“Missing in Redaction: Scars of Literary Censorship in Japan, 1923-1952,” East Asian Studies Department, Brown University, February 2008.

“A History of Fuseji,” Japanese Studies Reading Group, University of Wisconsin, Madison, October 2006.

Respondent, “Ideology, Culture, and Translation,” Society for Biblical Literature Conference, Washington DC, October 2006.


Chair, “Opening Minds to East Asia: New Pedagogical Approaches for Transcending Regional and Disciplinary Boundaries,” Mid-Atlantic Association for Asian Studies Conference, Seton Hall University, October 2006.

“The Radical Obscenities of Umehara Hokumei and Samuel Roth,” Comparative Literature Luncheon Series, Penn State, January 2006.

“Shades of Pink: Crossing Erotic and Proletariat Literature in Interwar Japan,” Center for East Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison, January 2005.

“Critical Ousia: Asian-American / American Asia,” Respondent/Moderator paper.

Trans-Pacific Modernisms Symposium, Princeton University, November 2005.

Conference talks

“Freedom of expression and the Necessity of Disaster Education” Between Cool and 3-11: Implications of Teaching Japan Today, Elizabethtown College, April 2013.

“Multiplanar Stereoscopy and the Myths of Cartesian Difference,” Anamorph and Flatness: The Aesthetic Surfaces of World Literature, Philosophy and Cinema seminar, ACLA, Toronto, March 2013.

“Gulliver’s in Japan,” Association of Japanese Literary Studies, Ohio State University, October 2012.

“Kissing Off-scene: Problem of Transwar Censorship in Japan,” University of Nanjing, May 2012.

“Masquerading Heroes: Identity Politics in Cold War Japan,” Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Toronto, March 2012.

“The Poetics of Social Media: Twit Geiger Counter or Cultural Seismograph?” ACLA, Brown University, April, 2012

“Masquerading Heroes: Identity Politics in Cold War Japan,” Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Toronto, March 2012.

“Prehumanity in 3D: The Japanese Animal Through the Stereoscope,” The Global and the Primitive Workshop, Penn State University, April 2011

“Philip Roth in Japan:  How to Finally Ghetto-ize the Wandering Jew in a Genre,” ACLA, Vancouver, March 2011

“Karatani in 3D,” ACLA, Vancouver, 2011

“Censors as Producers,” Mid-Atlantic Regional Association of Asian Studies Conference,

Penn State, October 2010.

Panel Chair, “The Sustaining Role of Literature in East Asia” and “Media of Suppression: Censorship and Circulation of Cultural Material in Modern Japan,” Mid-Atlantic Regional Association of Asian Studies Conference, Penn State, October 2010.

“Quicktheory in Parallax” at the “Restrategizing Essentialism” Seminar

ACLA, New Orleans, April 2010.

“Cutting, Molding, Covering: Media-sensitive Suppression in Japan”

“Tradition & Innovation: The State of Book History,” Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP), U. of Toronto, June 2009.

Panel Chair: “Mapping the Trajectories of Japanese Theory” with Ian Condry, Miyadai Shinji, Azuma Hiroki, and Shion Kono.  Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Chicago, March 2009.

“Panchira: Packaging Postwar Desires in Film”

Kinema Club IX, Japanese Film Society, Harvard University, March 2009.

“The Unmentionables of Japanese Film: Getting Over White Underwear in Roman Poruno”

Northeast Regional Conference Association of Asian Studies, October 2008.

“Mise en portable: Penetrating Frames of Cell Phone Novels,” Association of Japanese Literary Studies, University of British Columbia, August 2008.

“Post-bubble Literary Recovery: Alternate Histories, Light Novels, and Cell Phone Melodramas”

Association for Japanese Literary Studies, Princeton, November 2007.

“Parallax Views in Time: When to See Ahistorical Imagery and Imaginary Ahistoricisms,” for “Transcritique” panel at Trans: A Visual Culture Conference at University of Wisconsin, October 2006.

“Laughing Historically: Humorous Dissent in Interwar Japan and America,”

Human Difference/La Différence Humaine seminar, ACLA, Princeton, March 2006.

“Literary Pre-Occupations: The Self-Censored Manuscripts of Ōoka Shōhei,”

Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference, San Francisco, March 2006.

“Genealogies of X-ing: Not to Mention Fuseji, Fug, and Other Fig Leaves . . .”

Association for Japanese Literary Studies Conference, Dartmouth College, October 2005.

“The Obscure Obscenities of Umehara Hokumei: De-classifying Literature from Prewar Japan,”

Mid-Atlantic Regional Association of Asian Studies Conference, U. of Pennsylvania, October 2004.

“Archiving the Forbidden: War Responsibilities and Censored Literature,”

Association for Japanese Literary Studies Conference, UCLA, November 2003.

“The Ins and Outs of Literary History: Canons of Transwar Censorship,”

Modern Japanese History Workshop, Waseda University (Tokyo), July 2002.

“Modernizing Genji: Translating the Classic for Contemporary Readers in Japan,”

International Convention of Asian Scholars, Humboldt University (Berlin), August 2001.

“Canon and Censor: How War Wounds Bodies of Writing,”

Authenticities East and West Symposium, Princeton University, Spring 2001.

“Yamada Bimyō’s Historical Fictions & Literary History,”

Harvard East Asia Society 4th Annual Graduate Student Conference, Harvard University, April 2001.

“The Color of the Sky: Kuki Shūzō, Martin Heidegger, and Murakami Haruki,”

Eight Annual Graduate Student Conference for East Asian Studies, Columbia University, Feb. 1999.

“The One-Dimensional Fetish: Transgressions in Ōshima Nagisa’s In the Realm of the Senses,”

Sixth Annual Graduate Student Conference for East Asian Studies, Columbia University, Feb. 1997.




Short Term Research Grant, Japan Foundation, 2013.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard, 2008-2009.

Golden Nugget for Excellence in Teaching, Students’ Choice Award, Columbia University, 2006.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, 2005-2006.

Marion Levy Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2004-2005.

Fulbright Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) Grant, 2002-2003.

Eric Kahler Summer Fellowship, Archival Research Grant, Summer 2003.

Blakemore Foundation Language Fellowship, 2001-2002.

DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Language Grant, Summer 2001.

Joseph E. Croft Summer Fellowship, Classical Studies Grant, Summer 2000.

Mary Cross Fellowship, Summer Fellowship, Summer 1999.

Council for Regional Studies, Center for International Studies Fellowship, Summer 1999.

East Asian Studies, Summer Fellowship, Summers 1998, 1999.

Bayard Henry, Class of 1876, Graduate Fellowship, 1998-1999.

Princeton University multiyear Ph.D. fellowship, Fall 1998-2003.


Grants Institutional

Japan Foundation, Arts and Culture, Small Grant, Spring 2009.

Japan Foundation, Film Series to BGSU in Spring 2008.

Chief Investigator, Title VI Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program Grant for expanding the Chinese section of the Asian Studies Program at BGSU Fall 2007.



Seminar Chair, “Restrategizing Essentialism,” ACLA, New Orleans, April, 2010.

Steering Committee Member, “The Futures of Cool Japanology: An International Symposium,” Center for Study of World Civilizations, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Spring 2010.

Organizer, Lecture Series, “Mapping the Trajectories of Japanese Theory,” Penn State University, University of Michigan, and University of Texas Ann Arbor, Spring 2009.

Speakers: Azuma Hiroki, Miyadai Shinji, Ian Condry.

Curator, Japanese Film Festival, BGSU, Spring 2007.

Organizer and Liaison, Azuma Hiroki Lecture, Donald Keene Center, Columbia, Fall 2005.

Organizer, Lecture Series, “East Asia and the Future of Comparative Literature,” Princeton, Spring 2004.

Speakers: Masao Miyoshi, Haun Saussy, Christopher Hill, Christopher Bush.

Organizer, Graduate Symposium, “Authenticities: East and West,” Princeton, Spring 2001.

Speakers: Karatani Kōjin, Rey Chow, Robert Wardy, Earl Miner.

Co-founder, Society for Intercultural Comparative Studies, Fall 2000.


Co-coordinator, Asian Film Festival at Princeton, Spring 2000.


Secretary, Faculty Advisory Committee on Information and Technology, BGSU, 2007-2008.

Reviewer, Distinguished Thesis Award, Graduate School, BGSU 2007.

Budget and Salary Committee, Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages, BGSU, Fall 2006-2008.

Department of German, Russian, and East Asian Languages Library Acquisition Liaison, BGSU, Fall 2006-2008.

Department of Comparative Literature Liaison, McGraw Teaching Center, Princeton, Fall 2004.

Comparative Literature Graduate Liaison Committee, Princeton, 2000-2001.


Peer Reviewer, Comparative Literature Studies, Fall 2009.

Referee, Japanese Culture Articles, Theory, Culture & Society, Spring 2008.

Peer Reviewer, Japanese Literature Articles, PMLA, Fall 2007.

Bibliographer, Festschriften section of MLA Bibliography, 2007-2008.


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