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Jonathan Bundy’s Publications

Bundy, J., & Pfarrer, M. D. 2015. A burden of responsibility: The role of social approval at the onset of a crisisAcademy of Management Review, 40: 345-369.

Graffin, S. D., Bundy, J., Porac, J. F., Wade, J. B., & Quinn, D. P. 2013. Falls from grace and the hazards of high status: The 2009 British MP expense scandal and its impact on Parliamentary elites. Administrative Science Quarterly, 58: 313-345.

Bundy, J., Shropshire, C., & Buchholtz, A. K. 2013. Strategic cognition and issue salience: Towards an explanation of firm responsiveness to stakeholder concerns. Academy of Management Review, 38: 352-376.