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A Nice Lesson on Advertising

July 22, 2014 by jqs5974   

Today as I walked into class, I noticed that Professor Nichols was sitting down at a desk as if she was just another student. At first I was confused about what exactly was going on, and suddenly another man walked in the room and I remembered that Professor Nichols mentioned that we were going to have a guest speaker come in today and tell us about advertising. Professor Mcallister is a communications professor at PSU who will actually teach this same class in the fall.  Professor Mcallister gave us an a very interesting, in depth description of the main elements that go into the advertisement industry. We saw just how in trouble the newspaper industry really when it comes to advertising and just how much the internet is growing when it comes to advertising. This could be because companies want to target younger people who can still be influenced, and the internet is becoming the best place for companies to reach that audience. If the the rate of money given to internet sites for advertising keeps going up, it could be the first time the something other than the television industry has the most money for advertising since the 1960’s. We also got a look at the companies that put the most money into advertising over the past year. It’s amazing that Procter & Gamble put 5 Billion dollars into advertising in just the USA alone this past year. My favorite part of Professor Mcallister’s visit was getting to talk about different TV shows and advertising. I didn’t realize there was so many different factors that determine the price a network charges for a company to advertise on a certain how. It’s amazing how much more it is to advertise on popular network programs like American Idol and The New Girl then it is for many other shows. Overall I really enjoyed Professor Mcallister’s visit. I really learned a lot about the advertising industry everything that goes into it.Advertising


  1. rdn11 says:

    You will probably never look at an ad or a TV show the same after this class. What do you think?

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