Artificial Photosynthesis Machine

If you have ever scrolled down my blog a bit, you will have seen the topic of my passion blog last semester: environmentalism.  As this topic is obviously of significance to me, the technology that I have chosen today is of particular interest to me.  At a Japanese electronics company called the Panasonic Corporation, researchers have developed an Artificial Photosynthesis System, which is exactly what it sounds like.  The machine uses water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, and it amazingly can achieve the same rate of conversion as real plants (0.2%).  Panasonic hopes that its technology may one day be used to solve climate change and the energy crisis.  The machine works in a manner reminiscent of genuine organic photosynthesis.  Essentially, the sunlight excites electrons in the machine, which then react with carbon dioxide, producing organic substances.


The Artificial Photosynthesis System


 Process undergone by the machine

The next futuristic piece of technology isn’t really related to the artificial photosynthesis machine, but I thought it was so cool, so I decided that I wanted to talk about it anyways. In the UK, a new tool for riot police has been invented: a DNA gun.  No longer will suspects have to line up behind a one-way mirror – the DNA gun tags criminals with an invisible mark that can penetrate a perpetrator’s skin and remain for weeks.  This gun will allow officers to safely tag rioters from a distance, and place them under custody at a later date.  It will also make escaping from the scene of a crime far more difficult for a criminal, as sniffer dogs will be able to track the tagged criminals for weeks.


The new DNA tagging gun

I think that the thing that I like about this gun the most is that it provides a nonviolent and safe approach for officers, ensuring that neither the officer nor the suspect will be injured.

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  1. Elizabeth (Lizz) Carney says:

    The photosynthesis thing is awesome! It’s one of the first reasonable approaches to climate change that doesn’t seem like it will be significantly opposed by any major group. I wonder how cost effective it is though.

    The DNA gun scares me; it’s a little too “Big Brother” for me. I understand it’s use in criminal investigation but I think that the danger of it being used in other circumstances is just too great to risk. I fear that we’re getting to the point where private lives will no longer exist, and anyone can pinpoint everyone’s exact locations and learn of their actions.

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