The Croquetas of Spain

The Croqueta is Spain’s culinary response to the French croquette. The term ‘Croquette’ stems from the French word “Croquer” which means “to crunch”-  the croqueta is a fried breadcrumb battered roll filled with ingredients such as mashed potatoes, meat and vegetables. It is typically shaped like a cylinder or a circular sphere.

Potato Croquettes; Paula Deen

In Spain, traditional Croquetas are made with bechamel sauce- a white sauce made from roux and milk, and are stuffed with mashed potatoes in rare occasions. They are typical Tapas dishes (dishes that are served as appetizers) that are offered in a variety of restaurants and bars across Spain. It is rumored that the croquetas of Andalusia, Spain are especially dreamy and delicious-a little bolster of flavored bechamel sauce encased in a crisp layer of finely grated bread crumbs.  These crispy delights can be made out of anything- it is common to take leftover chicken/cheese/other ingredients, blend them with the bechamel sauce and fry it all up in a pan until they are golden brown. Croquetas are a great way to make the most of small amounts of inexpensive, readily available ingredients. There’s something about the crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside texture of the croquetas that make them impossible to resist.

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