Australian Pavlova

The Pavlova is a meringue based dessert with a crispy crust and soft inside. No one knows who created the Pavlova but recipes began to appear after the Russian ballerina,  Anna Pavlova( after whom the dessert is named),  toured  Australia and New Zealand in the late 20’s. Her visit was the chief event of 1926, it was said that “she does not dance; she soars as though on wings.” You get the sense that the Pavlova is a light and airy dessert.

Pavlova topped with Berries

Pavlova is made  by beating eggs whites together until they achieve a very stiff consistency. Caster sugar, white vinegar, lemon juice, cornflour and sometimes vanilla essence is folded into the mixture. Pavlova has a crisp and crunchy outer shell and a soft marshmallow – like center- it is thought that the cornflour is responsible for the soft inside. When baking Pavlova, it is important to take caution since the cake can easily deflate- it should be left to cool in the oven before exposing it to air. When finished, it is usually decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruits including strawberries, kiwi, berries and passionfruit.

Pavlova is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed at any time of year, its no wonder that both Australia and New Zealand claim it as their national dish.

4 thoughts on “Australian Pavlova”

  1. It is really cool to see the history of this dessert as a dancer. I never really think about where certain foods origination. But it is interesting to actually consider this aspect. I hate chocolate so this sounds very good, and something that I think I would enjoy.

  2. I completely enjoy your posts! They are full of such unique and delicious dishes! I hope to one day try this dessert because it looks too tasty not too! I also enjoyed how you included where the dish originated from!!

  3. This dessert looks so amazing! Also, I love how it is from New Zealand and Australia. These are two places that I really really want to visit and really want to study abroad sometime at! It would be so neat to experience their food cultures there and listen to Australian accents.

  4. You always pick such unique and tasty looking dishes!! I love meringues, so this dish looks especially wonderful. I really liked how you explained the history that is known about this dish, it was interesting to see the comparison between the light, airy dessert and Anna Pavlova’s dancing!

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