On a cold and chilly day, there’s nothing more heartwarming than an Eintopf. The Eintopf is a classic German stew that is made with a wide variety of ingredients. The Eintopf receives its name from the way that it is cooked, it translates to mean “one pot” since all ingredients are thrown into a single pot.


The recipe for the stew evolved around a time when people didn’t have a lot of money but a big family to feed. Housewives could prepare it when they didn’t have much time for cooking. The dish is simple, inexpensive and quick to make. Pasta is first boiled in salted water and the broth is made. Pieces of sausage/meat, carrots, beans, potatoes and other vegetables can be added to the mixture. To bring out the flavors of these ingredients, numerous kinds of herbs are added including parsley, lovage, chive, salt and pepper.

When prepared, the dish is served hot and ready to be enjoyed!

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