Ideas for Spring Semester Blogs…

Two This I Believe Ideas

I believe that being humble does not mean being insecure about oneself.

My first possible topic deals greatly with the idea that while humility is generally a quality I try to emulate in my overall presence and actions, I have instead seen the dreaded appearance of insecurity more often than was ever necessary in a multitude of instances throughout my life. I will tell the story of my frequent attempts to belittle or ignore my actual strengths and successes in lieu of a focus on everything about myself that does not live up to someone’s or my own expectations. In fact, choosing to focus entirely on the areas in which I am the least successful in a way goes against the whole concept of being humble. I believe the purpose of humility is to put others’ needs before one’s own, to make sure others are taken care of, but not at the expense of one’s self-confidence and intuition.

Everyone deserves a second (and third, and even fourth) chance.

Yes, I know it’s kind of cliche, but another idea I was considering is that of second chances. This is a concept that is new to no one – how often has someone hurt us (or been hurt by us), and yet we find that after much thought and consideration (some requiring more than others), we are able to “forgive and forget”? I will be the first person to admit that I have made many mistakes in my life and in doing so, I have hurt many people (whether intentionally or as simply collateral damage). And in these instances, I have realized the value of forgiveness and how this gift is the exact kindness that goes beyond the moment and sticks with the recipient longer than the provider could have ever imagined.

Two Civic Issues Blog Ideas

Different kinds of music/songs influence and become society’s most potent voice.

Music has been around for millennia, and the variations of type, style, tone, etc. are infinite. In this blog I will analyze the time period of particular genres of music or popular songs. By using rhetoric devices, I will also uncover how the people both making and consuming this music use its power to emphasize certain aspects of society and hopefully enlighten the reader on how much influence this form of art truly has over the masses. I will also address the inevitable appearance of opposition to the changes in popular music and how that might have affected civic interaction.

The Environment: Water

I have always been a great appreciator of nature, but typically in the most passive sense of the phrase. I recycle (most of the time), and I do not go out of my way to waste natural resources. Living in a plentiful area within the United States all of my life, I have been fortunate enough not to know what it’s like to be lacking a major resource, such as water, and as my knowledge of the world has expanded drastically within the past few years, I would really like to hopefully learn how to maintain and expand it’s availability to other areas in need throughout the planet both now and in the future. I will look into current issues with water availability and the different debates and problems that have arisen or that could potentially develop because of the current resources that are accessible to certain nations.

Passion Blog Goals/Ideas

I am going to stick with my original Passion Blog idea, “History is Happening”, although this semester  I will add a few more insightful connections to today’s world and the events that are shaping history as we live through it today.

One thought on “Ideas for Spring Semester Blogs…

  1. Hi Jessica, I like your ideas and I’m very interested to see what direction you can take them in. In particular I like how you may try to tackle the way humbleness can sometimes come off as insecurity since I always try to be humble myself. I think it is a very underrated virtue and something that in our current day of instant satisfaction and want for results that society as a whole could benefit from for your civic issues blog I like your idea behind viewing music as something that drastically changes society and the way many different types of people feel. Although I think music itself is more of a reflection than a changing factor I would love to see your point of view on the topic. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future.

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