Advocacy Project – Redraft Standardized Testing

Topic: Standardized Testing K-12, Undergraduate Degrees, Graduate Degrees

Group Members: Rebecca Sellinger and Jessica Tatone

Our advocacy project questions the validity and effectiveness of standardized testing in various classroom settings for the purpose of measuring the students’ intellectual growth and retention. We believe that by requiring every school to proctor or accept one specific type of exam for all attending students, the students’ pressure to pass the test is much more potent than the students’ actual passion for learning and retaining the material. We will explore this issue for students of three general levels of education: Kindergarten – 12th Grade Students, Undergraduate Students, and Graduate Students. Although there must be a sufficient way to measure the amount of knowledge each student has attained, we will propose a plan to our policymakers that effectively describes the situation and offers possible additions or revisions that will ensure the students’ intellectual potentials are not suffocated by the stagnant expectations of government standards.


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