Complete CV

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Recent Working Papers

“Training, Offshoring, and the  Job Ladder,” co-authored with Nezih Guner and Alessandro Ruggieri (slides)

“Two-sided Search in International Markets,” co-authored with Jonathan Eaton, David Jinkins, and Daniel Xu. (slides)

A Search and Learning Model of Export Dynamics,” co-authored with Jonathan Eaton, Marcela Eslava, David Jinkins and C.J. Krizan.

Recent Publications

Firm Dynamics, Job Turnover, and Wage Distributions in an Open Economy ,” co-authored with Kerem Cosar and Nezih Guner,  American Economic Review, March 2016 (Previous version appeared as NBER working paper 16326.) On-line appendices.

“Credit Rationing, Risk Aversion and Industrial Evolution in Developing Countries,” co-authored with Rick Bond and Hale Utar, forthcoming in International Economic Review, July, 2015. (Previous version appeared as NBER working paper 14116.)

Supplier Responses to WalMart’s Invasion in Mexico,” co-authored with Leo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik, and Wolfgang Keller, forthcoming in Journal of International Economics, January 2015  (Previous version appeared as NBER working paper 17204.)

Openness and Industrial Response in a Wal-Mart World: A Case Study of Mexican Soaps, Detergents and Surfactant Producers” (draft) co-authored with Beata Javorcik and Wolfgang Keller. World Economy, December 2008. (Previous version appeared as NBER working paper 12457)

Firm-Level Productivity Studies: Illusions and a Solution,” co-authored with Hajime Katayama and Shihua Lu. International Journal of Industrial Organization, May, 2009. (Previous version appeared as NBER Working Paper No. 9617)

The Margins of Entry into Export Markets: Evidence from Colombia,” (figures and tables) co-authored with Jonathan Eaton, Marcela Eslava and Maurice Kugler, in Elhanan Helpman, Dalia Marin, and Thiery Verdier, eds., The Organization of Firms in a Global Economy, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008. (Previous version appeared as NBER working paper 13531.)

Market Entry Costs, Producer Heterogeneity and Export Dynamics,” co-authored with Mita Das and Mark Roberts, in Econometrica, May, 2007. (Previous version appeared as NBER Working Paper 8629)

“Product Quality, Productive Efficiency, and International Technology Diffusion,” co-authored with Aart Kraay and Isidro Soloaga, in Bernard Hoekman and Beata Smarzynska Javorcik, eds., Global Integration and Technology Transfer. Washington, D.C.: The World Bank and Palgrave McMillan, 2006.

Trade Policy and Industrial Sector Responses: Using Evolutionary Models to Interpret the Evidence,” with Erkan Erdem, in Susan Collins and Dani Rodrik, eds., Brookings Trade Forum 2003 Washington, D.C.: The Brookings Institution, 2004. (Previous version appeared as NBER Working Paper No. 9947)

“Plant- and Firm-level Evidence on the ‘New’ Trade Theories” in E. Kwan Choi and James Harrigan, ed., Handbook of International Trade, Oxford: Basil-Blackwell, 2003. (Previous version appeared as NBER Working Paper No. 8418).

“A Firm’s-Eye View of Commercial Policy and Fiscal Reforms in Cameroon” with Bernard Gauthier and Isidro Soloaga in World Bank Economic Review 16(3), 2002

“Manufacturing Firms in Developing Countries: How Well do They do and Why?” in Journal of Economic Literature, March, 2000.

“Does Promoting High Tech Products Spur Development?” with Julie Hunt, appeared as “Es la promoción de industrias de alta tecnología un motor para el desarrollo?” with Julie Hunt, in Competitividad de las Exportaciones en Colombia, Bogota: Tercer Mundo, 2000.