2D Work


Title: Creation Myth

Media: Charcoal, color pencil, ink

I did this for Creation Myth assignment in Art 110s.

Description: Based on a Korean legend, snakes will appear when one whistles noisily at night. Adults sometimes joke about this to kids to stop them whistling at night. This actually reminded me of a video that pied piper plays a strange tune, snakes come out from a jar. Another creation myth I found was “Dokkebi”. Dokkebi is a goblin-like monster that appears only at night. Old furniture turns into Dokkebi when it is late at night and every people go to sleep. Dokkebi in folktales is described friendly but troublesome creature. Dokkebi always carries around its magic bat that Dokkebi uses it to transform any objects into different object of what Dokkebi wants. So combining this two myths together I decided to draw snakes appear while Dokkebi whistles at night. To do this, I used ink, charcoal, and color pencil. First, I ink painted face of Dokkebi in the middle and then drew music note to express Dokkebi whistling. I then drew snakes. At the end, I used charcoal to do the background. Because this creature appears only at night, I used black charcoal to color the background dark. However, I left some part white because snakes are also painted dark.



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