Ask Me On A Date PLEASE


For my journalism class, I wrote an article about this same topic…I liked my introduction so I’m going to reuse it lol…

…Dinner dates turn into sharing a shot of vodka.  Walking your date to the door turns into the “walk-of-shame” the next morning.  Significant others turn into strictly “fuck buddies.”

Hooking up and dating in college culture has increased greatly in the past ten years for men and women.  In today’s world, it is the norm to meet someone at a party and have sexual relations after meeting them first time.

A lot of this I think is from alcohol, as “liquid courage” drives us to do things we normally wouldn’t, but I think the problem stems deeper than that.  College hookup culture, and the lack of dating is harmful to both men and women.  Although both parties are affected, I am going to focus on the female issues regarding “hooking up.”

After the first few hookups in your college career, it seems that it becomes the norm.  We are more inclined to let people walk all over us, and for those who are caught up in the culture, it is hard for us to put our trust into males.  It seems that our one night stands become all we deserve.  Although this is not the situation for everyone, I feel that my standards have been lowered and lowered and lowered with the college dating culture.  Now, I feel that all I deserve is feeling wanted and loved for just a night.  Sometimes, hook up break ups hurt just as much as the real thing.

I admire those who are able to keep a relationship throughout college, but for some of us, it is not that easy.  I think part of the issue is the people I surround myself with AKA fratstars who think they are the complete sh*t, and I needed to broaden my friend group.

Anywho, college dating and the hookup culture is flawed and all I want is a night date at The Deli.  I will even split the cost…

Here are some statistics I used in my article for journalism:

1.  At the end of senior year, over 72 percent of students have had atleast 1 one night stand.

2.  1/3 of college juniors have been on 2 or less dates during college.


3 thoughts on “Ask Me On A Date PLEASE

  1. Bethany Mannon

    Julie, I thought that article you wrote was really interesting and you approached the question in a good way. And it’s interesting to read this alongside that other piece.

    What I like so much in your response here is that you’re not asking whether hooking up is good/bad or right/wrong — you’re asking whether this kind of relationship gets you what you actually want. I enjoyed reading this post.

  2. kau5041

    Really interesting post! My friends and I discuss “lowering our standards” all the time. Because one night stands are becoming so normal, something as simple as texting first makes the guy look like prince charming! It’s a shame that dating isn’t taken as seriously anymore, but all you can do is be true to yourself! Try not to fall victim to the hookup culture and find a man who will take you to the deli!

  3. Megan Margaret Moyer

    I find your post so relatable! I think it shows so much about character when a person would rather go on an actual date, with conversation, than just have a random hookup at a party. It’s really sad that people don’t hold higher standards for dating in college because it would make it much more meaningful and serious. Great post!

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