Monthly Archives: December 2014

“You know what? Bitches get stuff done.”

I am a feminist to some extent; I would just describe myself as a very bad one. I believe that women should have the same job opportunities as men, we should be able to represent ourselves, and be treated with the same respect as men, but I also feel that we were created to do certain jobs ourselves. I believe that women should cook, clean and do chores in the house, and men should grill and do work outside of the house. Different types of people are just better at different things.


But I do not think that is the real issue. Before this class I did not have a clear understanding of what it meant to be a feminist because the only people I ever saw portray themselves in that way and advertise their viewpoints were braless, hairy legged women. Please note that I do not have any room to judge, as I am currently braless and unshaven. But after I went through all of the types of feminism and what they mean – Marxist, Anarchist, Radical and Black Feminism… – I decided that I didn’t really fit any of these categories. So I would like to invent my own category, a mild feminist. One who does not just believe in the equality of women versus men, but all humans together. As Madonna once said, “I am not a feminist, I am a humanist.” I honestly couldn’t agree with it more. Feminism has a negative connotation, and honestly, I feel like it always will. I think that people would be more effective if they start fighting for the equality of all people, not just women.


1st and 2nd feminists all had a specific goal that they pretty much achieved in the end, but modern day feminists (3rd wave), are very discombobulated and are not fighting for a common goal. Therefore, I feel that it is difficult to identify with a certain group/type of feminism. We focus more on the types, and fighting with other women than actually standing up for our rights and making a difference. Think about it, women are constantly getting in tiffs and having issues between each other. What matters most in this situation?


I also think that there will always be a level of discrimination between men and women. I think the goal of feminism should not be to end it, but to be able to control in a way that these acts of discrimination should stand out from the rest, and it would be hard to look away.