About Me

Hello, my name is James Kalavritinos and this is my blog. I hope to educate my readers and myself about the current state of gun legislation in the United States. I think I have special insight into the topic because I am a gun owner, but my parents are heavily anti-gun. I joined the firearm community out of my own interest and educated myself about what it means to be a gun owner. Coming from a family that is anti-gun I have the ability to see both sides of the argument, and make my case very well. I did manage to convince my parents to let me buy a rifle after all. I hope that by introducing people to the concept of gun ownership, and the culture of sport shooting I can clear up some misconceptions about gun owners. The biggest being that we are all NRA fanatics that want no gun control and do not care about gun violence. Many gun owners are in favor of some form of gun control, but most of the proposed legislation does not solve problems

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