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Welcome to my blog. My name is James Kalavritinos. I will be discussing the topic of gun control across the U.S. I will try to identify what works and what does not. Why it works, why it will not work and why it got passed. I will try to identify who is supporting the legislation, and for what reason, as well as who is opposing it. The reason I chose this topic is because it is close to my heart. I am a gun owner and shooting enthusiast, but I do not let that completely define my stance on gun control. I do believe in gun control, but a very different kind then most people. I highly discourage banns on specific firearm models and designs because they are often arbitrary and reveal a lack of knowledge from policy makers. A striking example being the fact that they focus on banning rifle variants when long guns account for less than one percent of all firearm deaths in most states. When banns on rifles and other sporting firearms are passed they punish legal purchasers who have done nothing wrong. People do need to be held accountable for their firearms though. Many of the mass shootings over the last decade have happened because people fail to secure their firearms. The Sandy Hook shooter got his firearms from his mother, who had not properly locked them up. The Sandy Hook shooting is a good example of why banning certain firearms is ineffective because at the time of the shooting Connecticut had an “Assault Weapons ban” in effect. That ban did nothing to prevent the shooting because a mass murderer is not going to make sure that he is in compliance with the law. However, had the mother properly stored her firearms the tragedy may have been avoided. Another serious issue I will try to discuss in my blog is how partisan this issue has become. The NRA has so much influence within both parties that getting legislation passed is near impossible. Any attempt to do so results in intense lobbying by the NRA to reverse the decision. This ensures half measures or inaction on the part of our government, and that is unacceptable.

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