200784_1605246691412_2719140_n-1.jpgWhy AEE 530?
When I first heard about AEE 530, I thought it was exactly the type of course I’d always wanted to take. It combined skills I expect to need (teaching) with a subject I’ve fallen in love with over the years (agriculture). In just a few short weeks, I’ve already learned more than I have in entire semesters of other courses. I look forward to continuing to learn alongside a community of diverse and intelligent future educators!

I am in my second year of a PhD program in the Department of Entomology at Penn State studying how different farming practices affect the diversity of arthropod predators and their ability to hunt prey. I grew up in Massachusetts, received my B.S. in Biology at the University of Massachusetts, and my M.S. in Plant Science at South Dakota State University.

I thoroughly enjoy working in agroecosystems and plan to incorporate as much education and extension into my future career as possible. Although I enjoy scientific research, my favorite part of science is having the opportunity to share it with others, whether college students, children, or farmers.

Take-away Goals
I am optimistic that I’ll gain valuable skills in how students learn and how best to deliver information that will enhance their learning though AEE 530. I am particularly excited to get the hang of blogging and other forms of technology, since I don’t consider myself very tech-savvy yet.


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