CaptureStudio interface showing the video camera and audio tests.

Assess Impromptu Speaking

CaptureStudio allows instructors to assess impromptu speaking activities at a distance. Originally developed for a 100% online entrepreneurship course, CaptureStudio could also be used in place of in-class presentations to free up class time for other instructional activities.

Timed Recording

The tool allows instructors to set a time limit on recordings and also limit the amount of time students can view their randomly-assigned prompt, allowing for a true impromptu speaking experience. Alternatively, drop the prompt requirement and allow students to practice giving a timed “elevator pitch” speech.

Improved Feedback

CaptureStudio works with ELMSLN to collect video responses in a gallery-style display. With this interface, students are able to view each others’ submissions and leave comments and feedback for one another in a streamlined format that they can return to again and again.


Our tool is entirely open-source, so anyone can implement it, modify it, build off it, and use it at their own institution for their own classes. Find CaptureStudio on GitHub.

Take Control of Your Class Time


Synchronous time with students is precious. Don’t waste it on listening to presentation after presentation – CaptureStudio is the perfect practice environment for students to perfect their speaking skills and get critical feedback from their classmates and instructors.


Check out our video demonstrations of various parts of the CaptureStudio experience!

ELMSLN Open Studio Gallery Display

Gallery Display

CaptureStudio submissions are automatically uploaded to a gallery where classmates can browse, watch, critique and give feedback on each others’ performances. Our gallery runs on the ELMSLN Open Studio.

Timed Prompts

Randomly assign each student a prompt from a pool of selections and give them a limited time to view and prepare their speech. After the countdown runs out, the camera begins recording.

Example of timed prompt countdown

Learn More About CaptureStudio!

CaptureStudio is open-source. It’s automatically integrated with ELMSLN, but it can be used by anyone!

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