Fresh, Locally Produced Food is a Trend That Is Here to Stay

Buy Local, Save the Economy

Food service operators are getting creative and buying from their neighbors to increase awareness of sustainability. Companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota are boosting their local economy by buying locally and using homegrown products. The article, Buying Local: How It Boosts the Economy, states that shopping locally increases employment, diversifies products, and enhances circulation of money. Below are some concepts that are implemented in food companies in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area:

Gerhard’s Brats

What would the world be like without culturally diverse foods? Luckily Gerhard Gerhard Riautschnig has taken his family’s bratwurst recipe made of natural pork, salt, garlic and pepper from Austria to America. There is an increase of charcuterie menus in restaurants which makes the bratwursts very profitable. The sausages are also being featured in bars that serve beer because of the complimentary tastes. A customer can enjoy three flavors including original, smoked, and käsewurst.


asian spoon bowls

The picture above is the Asian Spoon Bowl which can be recycled after use.

SelfEco, LLC

Companies like SelfECo are producing compostable caterware, cutlery and drinkware for the eco-friendly population as the push for a cleaner world continues. The Manufacturer, VistaTek, uses a supply of plant-bases to make things such as champagne glasses or cutlery that can be produced into any color. Ingeo Bioplastic is made with corn, switch grass and sugar beets. Today eco-friendly items can be seen in plastic to-go boxes throughout Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Miami Beach. The plastic t0-go boxes replaced styrofoam that can not be recycled.


Randy’s Booth Company

Sliding into a foam booth at a restaurant beats sliding into a metal spring! Randy’s Booth Company customizes restaurant seating using northern hardwoods-cherry, ash, oak, and maple trees as well as vinyl, fabric and leather. The company makes about 20 to 30 orders every month. If a customer is looking to see some of these customizable seating booths, they can go to Betty Danger’s Country Club and Public Kitchen, Lunds & Byerly’s grocery stores and Redstone American Grill.

Two Gelato Guys

two gelato guys

The above picture is “The Affogato” which incorporates espresso with a dark chocolate gelato.

Tom Paschke has taken the summer time snack of gelato to a new level. Gelato flavors such as salted caramel, pomegranate or chimmney sweep beer are made with locally produced milk, eggs and sugar. These Gelatos have been featured at Minnesota’s Renaissance Festival and can now be purchased at Madelon Deming’s Sweet Joys Gelato carts. Two Gelato Guys also hopes to pair up with local chefs to increase profits of the restaurant and increase awareness of the gelato company.






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